Of Mice And Men- Crooks Monologue

Of Mice And Guy- Crooks Monologue

!.?. !? CONTROLLED EVALUATION Crooks lie motionless on his straw filled box, looking up at the cracked ceiling of the stable. His light is flickering in the opposite corner of the cramped room. Moonlight shines through his small, square, 4 paned window- the only view of the outdoors world. Shining stars twinkle above in the American sky and the anguish on Crooks’ face is inexpressible. All is quiet. Criminals: Guys like me, we ain’t dealt with the exact same (frowns with anger and frustration) as the other people. (Stands very carefully and stumbles as he walks to the window)

Ya see, im just a busted-back nigger who ain’t got no one to rely on. An’ in some cases I just embeded in my space figurn’ bout what my life would be like if I weren’t black. (Looks up into the stars through the shiny glass of a cracked window) S’pose I weren’t, I might play cards with the other guys in the bunk home and laugh with ’em and I might enter into town and I would never ever be alone. Life would be swell. (Smiles to himself, his features illuminate, still gazing into the dark, moonlit sky) I might actually understand what it feels like to have someone who’s there for me.

It’s an illness ya know, solitude. It eats away at you, gradually, tearin’ you limb from limb. An infection that sends out some individuals insane. When the other guys stabled me in here I was delighted o’ the quiet, however after a while ya just wan na’ talk with somebody. Back when I was a kid, my ol’ guy used to be outraged when I played with the white kids. I never ever comprehended why, today I do. God damn, (Pauses, as the bleak emotion wipes from his face and rage takes over. He abruptly closes the thin material of the drapes which hung there) I require to stop sympathizing with myself.

My lifes never ever gon na’ modification, for as long as I live and for as long as anybody else lives, blacks will constantly be caged up and treated like a piece of dirt in the corner. Why can’t I just be treated the exact same? What did I ever do to anybody? I ain’t hurt no one, I ain’t done anything wrong in my life and this is how i’m treated. I may as well simply leave the ranch, no one would observe that i ‘d gone. (Sighs heavily and checks out his hands with despair) I know I cant do that though since a nigger like me will never be accepted no place else.

Why should the colour of my skin figure out how different people view me? (His exasperation rises as he shuffles to the door, grabs the manage as it squeaks and stomps outside the stable) I cant take this no more! (Hunches over in an uncomfortable stance, shouting towards the blackness of the twisted trees) I just can not take it. Time passes. Dawn. Sundown. Constantly waiting on a day that someone will speak with me without feelin’ like they should not be. Frowns, whilst eyeing the ground and takes a deep breath to soothe himself down) Im no different to anyone who ain’t coloured. Thats what I do not understand. (strolls progressively back through the door he had actually flung open simply a few minutes before, knocks it shut behind him. He drops himself down onto his bed) Why cant somebody just talk with me ay? (A big figure appears from behind the slowly opening door, his shapeless face glaring gormlessly at Crooks) Lennie: Everybody’s entered into town. I seen your light.

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