Of Mice and Men Court Case Opening Statement

Of Mice and Guys Court Case Opening Declaration

Great Morning girls and gentleman, Well-regarded members of the jury, your honor, what you will hear is the story of human tragedy. This is a case about a pledge broken, a dream ended, and a life shattered. Lennie Small is responsible for this, Lennie Small is responsible for the harsh death of Curley’s wife. She was a stunning woman, in the prime of her youth, who had so many things to achieve. None of that is possible now. She was a wonderful, lively flower ripped from presence. The defense will argue that Lennie has actually a reduced mental capability and therefore does not understand right from incorrect.

This however, is not real. You will hear statement that he did undoubtedly understand the difference in between best and wrong, life and death. Our two witnesses, Crooks and Sweet will affirm to this impact. When Lennie went into the barn on that ranch in the Salinas River Valley that stunning fall afternoon, he had no intent of eliminating anybody. He did not strategy to injure anyone, run away from a crime, or get in any type of problem. He went in the barn just to be with his brand-new pup. When Lennie and Curley’s other half started to talk Lennie did not have actually a carefully laid out strategy to eliminate her, nor was he filled with rage.

Nevertheless, when he was stroking her hair harder and harder, and she began to retreat and scream due to the fact that of the discomfort he was causing her, he saw his one dream of tending bunnies, owning his own location, and living off of the fat of the land slip away. He got captured up in the heat of the moment. He put one hand over her mouth, and another on her shoulder and started to violently throttle her in an effort to silence her. Lennie, by this time, was quite upset with Curley’s spouse. She was damaging his thoroughly set out plan. As you know after being completely shaken, Curley’s better half’s, neck snapped, and she was suddenly dead.

The defense will inform you that because Lennie might be sluggish, he has no idea what the magnitude of his actions is. I am asking you to think beyond that. To envision, what if this was your sister, daughter, mom, or other half. I can ensure you, this Sunday afternoon will be permanently implanted in Curley’s mind. For the rest of his life, the memory of discovering his better half’s body badly broken, and half-hidden in the barn will forever be seared into his brain. Criminals and Sweet will affirm that Lennie tried to hide the body, that he left the scene of the criminal activity.

Those are the facts that will prove that the majority of notably Lennie does know the distinction between best and wrong. They will both inform you, that to them, Lennie was another ranch hand, another human being, and another pal, whose actions were so merely so careless that it led to the death of a woman. They will say that despite the fact that he was sluggish he might still dream, still work, and still speak to you similar to anybody else. Lennie would do anything to keep his dream a possible truth. This nevertheless does not justify his actions, nor does the reality that he is slow.

Lennie is a grown man who is responsible for the way he acts and the choices that he makes. Consider Curley’s partner’s family during this trial. Consider what they must be feeling. Think about how you would feel. Consider the realities, what took place that day, and about the statement you are going to find out about Lennie’s actions prior to and after Curley’s partner’s death. Ask yourself if those are the actions of a guy who understands the distinction between ideal and wrong. Thank you for your attention and your services as jurors.

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