Of Mice and Men Comparison between Slim and Curley

Of Mice and Guy Contrast in between Slim and Curley

Slim, the jerkline skinner, is John Steinbeck’s example of what he believes is the very best sort of man or the good guy’. Slim can make any bad circumstance a win-win situation for both persons. For instance, when Curley begins a fight with Lennie and gets his hand busted, George thought that they would get put into Prison however Slim ended up being involved and assisted Lennie. He stated to Curley, “I think your han’ got caught in a maker. If you do not inform nobody what occurred, we ain’t going to. But you jus’ inform an’ attempt to get this person canned and we’ll inform ever’body, an’ then will you get the laugh” (64 ).

Scenes like this show that Slim is a good guy who understands how to turn the tables in a bad situation. Slim is a wise male who knows how to utilize his head to get out of any bad situation. Slim is a wise male who tries to help everyone when the going gets rough. When the ranchers were going to go off and capture Lennie since he killed Curley s other half, Slim tried to make Curley remain in the ranch because Slim knew that if Curley opts for them, he was going to shoot Lennie. Slim shots to help Lennie by trying to make certain Curley does not opt for them due to the fact that he understands that Curley would wish to shoot him.

Slim tries to at least attempts to help Lennie live. Slim tries to make something great take place for Lennie in a bad circumstance but in this celebration Slim did all he could for bad Lennie. Slim is one of the very best type of guy however regrettably there are also men the complete opposite of Slim. Curley, in charge’s kid, is John Steinbeck’s example of what he thinks is the worst sort of male. Curley did numerous things that made him ‘the bad person’ in the story. He teases Lennie due to the fact that he is bigger than he is and wishes to daunt him so he would think Curley is superior to him.

Curley cares more about his pride or machismo’ more than he appreciates another person’s feelings. He is more than going to step on everyone just everybody can believe he is the exceptional male in that ranch. Curley’s pride became so excellent that he started to beat up Lennie just due to the fact that he was chuckling. Curley began an unnecessary defend a ludicrous factor. Curley didn’t even understand if Lennie was really making fun of him or at something else. Mostly the victims of Curley’s cruelty were individuals he didn’t like. As a result, constantly having things your way can turn you into an enemy.

Slim and Curley were characters that depict the very best kind and worst type of males in Of Mice and Guy. Slim was the best sort of male since he helped the employees out with their conflicts by utilizing his head and believing things out. Curley was the worst sort of man due to the fact that all he did was care about his image and batter any male who he believed would ruin his image. Sadly there are lots of bad men like Curley but take a look at the bright side. There are likewise excellent males like Slim out there trying to assist people with their disputes everyday.

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