Of Mice And Men – Characterization Of Lennie

Of Mice And Guy– Characterization Of Lennie

Lien’s character is seriously mentally challenged: he is socially inefficient, has an underdeveloped memory, and shows improper behavior. Leonie is plainly psychologically inept; his mind has actually matured to a level comparable to that off kid; therefore, he can comprehend and interact only the most elementary ideas and ideas, and has no ability to evaluate scenarios before he speaks or acts.””– I turns to Leonie and states, “-Dive in.’ An’ he jumps. Couldn’t swim a stroke.

He damn near drowned prior to we might get him.'” (p. 44) Not just is Leonie not able to comprehend the significance of significance, he has no memory Of essential assertions if they do not directly refer to bunnies. He can not even remember his Aunt Clara, who took him in as an infant, and he coped with until she passed away. In order for Leonie to conceptualize and remember concepts or directions, he needs to consistently recite them to George; even this routine Will not insure a recollection of the information.

Although Lien’s bad memory is a serious issue, his ultimate disadvantage, is his unacceptable behavior, Although unintended, Leonie causes damage, and death to people and animals. These situations arise from his extreme love for soft and furry animals, objects, or people, while trailing to acknowledge his enormous strength. Leonie looked at it for a long period of time, and then he put out his substantial hand and rubbed it, stroked it clear from one end to the other.

And Leonie said, “-Why do you got to go get Lien’s mental specials needs, lapse of memory, and especially his inadvertent abuse of soft creatures, uses one the capability to determine the degree of his psychological handicap. Lien’s physical description and capabilities completely contradict that of his psychological capability: he is a mammoth-sized man, with nearly super-natural strength. He is described to have the physical qualities and mannerisms f a large animal such as a bear: he is huge, has a shapeless face, wide sloping shoulders, large pale eyes, and walks in a slow manner While dragging his feet.

Not just does he appear like a bear, he likewise has the force of a bear. Ellen is so effective, he can lift a four hundred pound bale at work on the farm; unfortunately, this power can also be utilized for malicious functions. Ellen has the capability of feasting on a guy’s hand with his own, mutilating it to the point where, ever’ bone in his Han’ is bust” (p. 70) Lien’s amazing size and physical strength integrated with his currently extensive list of problems set the phase for disaster.

Lien’s essential spirit and true inner-self are revealed by way Of emotions: his emotional accessory to George, deep sensitivity, and most importantly, his only dream in life, assist one to understand this character as they precisely incarnate Lien’s soul. George is the only person who Leonie thinks in. Leonie has a deep trust for George that has plainly formed an unbreakable bond, or, as Since”:. Due to the fact that got you to care for me, and you got me Ellen puts it, to care for you”:'” (p.

IS) Because Ellen holds George in such high regard, his feelings can be seriously hurt when George scolds him. He frequently holds his head own in shame and shame when he forgets something George has actually stated, or when George discusses how simple his life would lack him, Nevertheless, there is one thing Ellen has no problem remembering, his dream, the dream that consumes every inch of his being while at the same time triggering his demise, Ellen yearns to have his own tart with George: a tart where he can tend the, “Red and blue and green bunnies” (p. 7) It is basically his imagine tending bunnies that causes Ellen to snap the neck of Curly Witt. As Lien’s rough petting of her soft hair terrifies her, she begins to yell, sending out Leonie into a panic; e thinks if George hears the screams, he will not enable him to tend the bunnies. He attempts to silence her screams, accidentally eliminating her, One can see Leonie is a trusting, delicate, and regretfully misinterpreted character, by observing his emotions.

Leonie is psychologically underdeveloped, yet physically overdeveloped. He has only one pal worldwide, George; he trusts him with his life, and with his dreams. Whatever about Leonie Small is ironic, including his name: he is a huge male with a mini brain, has a heart of gold that appears evil, and likes so much, it kills. One can never, ever evaluate a book by its cover.

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