Of Mice and Men: Characterization of Lennie

Of Mice and Guy: Characterization of Lennie

Lennie Small is a primary character in Richard Stein beck’s Of Mice and Men.” novel. Very few folks understand what sort of individual Lennie is and what his thought procedures are. Partially because he’s so big, partly due to the fact that of a limited psychological capability, Lennie most likely emits the impression of a really unsteady person, mean and fast to anger.

I too, have been stereotyped “imply” merely because I am so big and appear so intimidating. This is one of Lennie’s issues, since he likes to do what he feels like doing however doesn’t stop to consider the consequences of his actions. Lennie is misconstrued yet a very necessary character in this book.

Lennie Small is a really intricate character, although he might not appear to be at first glimpse. Among Lennie’s biggest issues is for continued love (friendship) from George. He does not actually need to worry about this however, for as George is so fond of saying, “… We have a future. We got somebody to talk with that offers a damn about us … (at this moment Lennie disrupts) Because I got you to care for me, and you got me to look after you.” (Stein beck, 45).

Lennie isn’t a loner, as many of the farmhands were at that time. Lennie has George. Although he is huge and exceptionally strong, he still is helpless is a way. For example, when Curley is beating Lennie up, Lennie cant battle back due to the fact that he’s been taught (trained) not to. The only factor he actually did fight back was due to the fact that George informed Lennie to protect himself.

On the other hand, the only reason that Curley still has a hand after Lennie grabbed it was due to the fact that George needed to go over and slap Lennie to get him to release the sleazebag. Albeit Lennie has a basic mind, his core is extremely, very substance.

A great method to judge Lennie’s significance is to predict what life would have been like for others had he never existed. For beginners, had Lennie not been around, George’s dream of owning his own farm most likely wouldn’t have actually existed, losing a significant part of the book in the process. As George informed Slim at the end of the book, “I think I understood we ‘d never ever do her (own the land). He (Lennie) usta like to find out about it a lot I got to thinking maybe we would.” (Stein beck, 103)

If George mainly believed in the dream due to the fact that he had informed Lennie about it so much, what would have taken place had Lennie not existed? Another big impact Lennie had on lots of people’s lives was Curley’s better half’s death. When Lennie inadvertently killed her, he not just had the apparent effect on Curley (and his partner), however likewise on all the people that resided on the farm. Most likely the most important of these is the guilt that George now needed to bear of killing his buddy. If Lennie had never existed, everybody’s lives would have been dramatically various.

Lennie’s role in a lot of the themes in this book is such that, if Lennie were gotten rid of, they wouldn’t make any sense. Most especially is Lennie’s contribution to the really foundation of the American Dream. He, regardless of being psychologically disabled, still believes in the old adage that in order to realize his dream of owning a farm with George all that is needed is effort.

Scoundrels however, reveals a more realistic perspective;” I seen hundreds of men come by the roads an’ on the cattle ranches. Every damn among ’em’s got a little piece of land in his head. An’ never a God damn one of ’em gets it.” (Stein beck, 81) In addition, Lennie likewise has an important roll in addressing the style of the strong killing off the weak.

Lennie’s fetish for petting soft things and after that inadvertently eliminating them shows this point; Lennie’s strong hands are no match for the weak mouse. In the end, nevertheless, it is Lennie who ends up being a weaker being, falling at the hand of the strong predators that hunt him. As far as themes go, Lennie is essential for the majority of their presence.

Lennie is among the most noteworthy characters in the book, and potentially the most extensive as well. His significance is considerably outlined practically throughout the entire book. He has connections with everybody, and genuinely touches the lives of everyone he meets; in and beyond the book.

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