Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck: Lennie Small

Of Mice and Male by John Steinbeck: Lennie Small

It is discussed quite Often that many Others had the very same dream as Leonie, however stopped working. Take Crooks, for example. He had a bright future when he was a child, and his family even appeared to own their own cattle ranch! NOW, he only lives to prolong his miserable future. Candy understands that he is going to lose his job. These NON characters know they have nothing left for them. Then occurs Leonie Small, the man who’s the least most likely to be successful. He has the very same yearnings that Sweet and Criminals as soon as had. However, unlike these two, Leonie hasn’t quit yet.

He reveals them what could be. With this newly found hope, Candy and Crooks both exhibit signs of delight. No matter the truth that this was brief. Lived, it still goes to reveal that with little bit of hope, anybody can he happy. It is weird to think that the likes of Curler and his better half can show favorable qualities. When once again, Leonie exposes the very best in them, When Curlers hand is crushed, he shows humbleness. All the rage he had actually launched on Ellen came back to injure him. He recognizes that he was no match for Leonie, and adhere to their request not to inform anybody.

Sure, Curler did this partially out. F pride, but also out of some newly found humility. Curlers better half opens up to Leonie too, showing that she is not the ‘tart’ that the others believe her to be. Maybe she understands that she does not always have to be terrible to bring in attention. Sadly, it was apparent that somebody was bound to get harmed. When two personalities clash as much as these 2, someone has to go. Leonie is dull-minded and protective, while Curlers spouse is cruel and looks for attention. Not only that, however Curlers spouse also covets the attention Leonie get.

In the barn, when Curler’s Wife is getting the attention she values a lot, she appears to be a completely different character. Oddly enough, Steinbeck portrays her as stunning and calm in her death. It was Steinbeck intent to depict Leonie as the genuine victim of the Depression. Leonie had an excessive quantity Of optimism, but an absence Of understanding, in contrast to the typical folk who had almost the opposite. Why is it that the individual most likely to succeed was dropped in the folks least likely to? Possibly Steinbeck was attempting to show the reader that, no matter how likely you were to be successful, you never ever could.

Leonie was established to stop working from the start. Leonie Small is the most paradoxical of all characters, even his name is a misnomer! His small mind fights to manage his large body, his ability to ruin a life detracts from his excellent hearted nature, and his love for animals causes the death Of them! In conclusion, Leonie Small is a beacon of hope, in a blanket of depression. In the span Of a brief time period, he had actually handled to revolutionize the small farm around him. He revealed the very best in others, and even showed the reader the hardships Of the times.

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