Of Mice and Men, by J.E Steinback

Of Mice and Men, by J.E Steinback

John Steinback’s novel Of Mice and Male is an informing book which dives in to themes such as relationship and shared visions or dreams. Steinback efficiently depicts a world where lady do not belong. The novel is about the journey of 2 buddies who take a trip together to find work and the dream which they both have clear visions of. Both Lennie and George imagine having a small amount of land for themselves. Their dream is easy yet it seems so unrealistic at a lot of times, to George specifically. The story is involved a tragic manner. Whilst the other ranch workers were pre-occupied, Lennie was cuddling his dead puppy.

The one in charge’ kid’s partner, who was a flirtatious character and also the only female in the novel occurred and started speaking with Lennie. They then moved on to the subject of Lennie’s passion to touch soft things and it was then when she offered Lennie to touch her hair as she declared it was good and soft. Lennie did so, however when she triggered him to stop he didn’t and she started to get scared so this then put Lennie in freight and it caused him to eliminate her. After the other characters had discovered what had actually happened, Lennie had already run away, to a play where George had actually formerly informed him to go if he ever entered into trouble.

After Curley had found what had actually occurred he was identified to kill him, Carlson chose to help Curley with this and chosen he would use his weapon, however George had actually currently taken his gun. When Carlson went to get his weapon he realized it was gone and immediately blamed Lennie for taking it. George was the one who found Lennie initially. But previous to this Lennie was in a state of shock in what he had actually just done. Lennie was talking to his aunt Clara and a massive bunny in his head. Lennie was trying to validate himself to them as they were incriminating him, George interrupted Lennie in doing this and then relaxed him down.

George made certain Lennie understood that he hadn’t done anything wrong and ensured him of their pleasant future which they would live together. Nevertheless, right away after doing this George hesitatingly killed Lennie with Carlson’s gun. Lennie, the other central character, is a communicated as a “giant” with no genuine intelligence. Lennie has a mild special needs and as an outcome of this and his enormous effective strength, Lennie and George need to leave their hometown of Weed since Lennie apparently raped a female. This leaves them in a situation of needing to walk a number of miles to their new discovered job at a ranch by The Salinas River.

Nevertheless, Lennie can not be blamed for this as he is such an innocent character and he is not knowledgeable about his own strength. Contrary to Lennie’s goofy, naive nature and big look, George is rather the opposite. He is the rational one and the thinker out of the duo. George is constantly reanimating the scenarios that Lennie gets them in to. At times George seems to be frustrated with Lennie, he sees him as a burden in his life continuously preventing him from living a carefree life. Although George is always attempting to avoid him from getting himself into problem and he secures him from a not-so innocent world.

Overall George does appear to be really dedicated to Lennie. Steinback embraces an old southern accent to the characters in the story and successfully portrays them to have an incorrect language which contributes to their simple outlook on life and likewise their desire to live the American dream, which seems beyond reach. Steinback’s choice of quotes, especially for the character of Lennie, assistance mimic sympathy from the reader and it likewise leads the reader to normally like his carefree, innocentcharacter.

Likewise George’s quiet streak after killing his friend Lennie, adds to his general good nature; even though he has simply killed his good friend the reader can not assist to not sympathize with him and understand his actions, as if George didn’t eliminate his whilst he was in a pleased state, Curley or Carlson would of, but it would have been less humane. I personally completely delighted in Steinback’s Of Mice and Men. I would defiantly suggest the book both teenagers and grownups who delight in an unfortunate story about challenge, struggle and obviously relationship and dreams.

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