Of Mice And Men: Burdens Of Responsibility

Of Mice And Male: Concerns Of Obligation

By examining the novel of mice and males thoroughly I have actually found that every character in the novel has a facet of life that includes problems and obligations. The characters in the novel essentially have 3 alternatives in which they can live their lives. They can knuckle down, work hard, keep a positive mindset and attempt earnestly to enhance their standard of living. An example of this is would be George Milton and Lennie Small. The other option is to walk with a chip on their shoulder, not bother to enhance oneself but remove those around him or her hat function as a disappointment or problem.

A perfect example of this would be Curley when he decides to target Lennie as a’frustration’ and subsequently attacks him without any real valid reason apart from jealousy and spite. The last choice concerns Candy and Crooks to an extent. They live a fairly useless life void of love and love. They have few friendships and cling to anybody who shows them genuine attention. An example of this is when Lennie has a discussion with Crooks and he expresses his sensations of solitude. Another example is when Carlson shoots Sweet’s pet.

Sweet ends up being extremely excited to connect himself to George and lennie and acquire a house with them as a result of the loss of his only real love in his life. The obligations of aspiration and hope play a major role in the structure of George, Lennie and Curley’s other half’s character. To a degree their aspirations protect them from reality for short stints and acts like a recharge to their motivational batteries. This is a good thing typically. Examples of these circumstances are when Lennie and George are sitting on the bank of a swimming pool of he Salinas river in the last chapter.

George remains in the procedure of informing Lennie how together they are “gon na get a little place.” He does this due to the fact that he knows it makes Lennie pleased and he wants Lennie’s last ideas to be of his perfect world not terror. George then shoots Lennie in the back of the head doing whats best for everyone, and Lennie dies in a state of paradise, his benefit. An example of Curley’s spouse’s hopes is when she lastly finds a person around the ranch who sees her not as an object of lust but somebody to speak to. This individual is Lennie.

Obviously he subsequently snaps her neck when they are both in a state of hysteria, however for a short moment she was an action closer to her hope. Talking with Lennie was her reward in a sense. The obligations of relationship, whether it be marriage just like Curley and his spouse or mateship as in Lennie and George’s scenario, likewise play an essential role. George and Lennie’s relationship is a perfect one where they both regard, help and love each other in their eyes. There is an example of this unity at the start of he unique when both George and Lennie are sitting around a fire prepared to make supper.

Describing their baked beans Lennie makes the comment of “I like em with catsup.” After this comment George blows up into a spoken rage describing how he could have a lot enjoyable by himself and how much of a burden Lennie is to him. When George finishes his speech’ Lennie tries to fix up by discussing to George how he might go and reside in a collapse the hills. This regret journey’ provides a realisation to George that he has been nasty. They then atch things up by discussing their utopia. Curley and his other half’s marital relationship is filled with combined emotions and intentions.

Curley is filled with disgust for his partner for weding such a bad option of a man’ and he expresses this by trying to manage her, ever stressed that she will cheat on him. He is extremely paranoid. She utilized him to leave a scenario she was not comfy with and is now in an even worse one where she can not interact with anyone effectively. She has actually become a detainee. Curley and his partner take an unfavorable technique towards beneficiary marriage therefore getting little out of the relationship and no real benefits.

George and Lennie on the other hand feed’ off each other in a sense and grow in obligation and love. The rewards of obligation differ in size and quality. As a result of George and Lennie’s dedication towards each other they are rewarded with friendship and companionship. Criminals’s alienation delivers to him humbleness and a realisation of how it is very challenging to work without relationship, he has actually gained understanding at a cost. His bitterness and anger also get him through life unlike Sweet.

Curley’s spouse’s reward has developed into a problem, she is free from her mom however no longer is given a social life. Candy had his hand severed off at work and is rewarded by settlement and an easier work. However he is disabled and lonely due to the departure of his canine making his life sad and without meaning. Due to Curley’s bloodlines he probably never will get retrenched, but no body likes him not even his spouse. In my opinion the concerns surpass the rewards of duty in this novel.

In some methods it is rather macabre that John Steinbeck develops his characters approximately their most likely height of achieving their utopia and after that eliminates them or part of them off. However in another viewpoint this style of writing is rather ingenuitive since the primary characters set out with an objective and when they handle to understand a fragment of it they wither away or die. This is as if their function in the story has been served. Their services are no longer needed to assist get the message across that life can either be an obligation of burdens or a benefits filled with responsibilities.

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