Of Mice and Men – Big Dreams

Of Mice and Guys– Big Dreams

The theme of dreams is played out a lot in the unique Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. A number of characters have huge dreams to leave there boring lives and live the future that they desire. Like George and Lennie and how they desire there own cattle ranch to run themselves. Also there is Curley’s Wife and how she dreamt of remaining in images up until her chance was robbed from her. All of them fill there heads with dreams and all they need to do is try hard to make them become a reality. George, among the most significant dreamers in the unique, dreams that he can run his own cattle ranch.

He wishes to have the opportunity to leave work to see a baseball game and to live free of individuals that want to simply trigger problem for them. In his dreams he wishes that he and lennie can do whatever they desire when they desire and not need to be bossed around by other superiors. Then all of Georges hopes of living the American dream are ruined and tainted when Lennie, Georges just buddy eliminate the owner of the cattle ranch’s spouse. Then saving Lennie from the mob from the cattle ranch, he shoots and eliminates him. Not only eliminating his best and just good friend however his imagine a best, fraternal world.

Then there was Lennie and his imagine co-running a ranch with his only friend George. Lennie a huge, strong male with a mental disability can not do much in his and George’s dream cattle ranch, so George tells Lennie that he can run the bunnies and soft animals on the cattle ranch. Lennie amazes about the soft animals through out his whole time working on the ranch. Lennie informs stories to George, scoundrels, and sweet about how he will run the animals and have the ability to pet them and have fun with them throughout the day and how it will make him happier then anything. Lennie then ruins this dream by mistakenly killing Curley’s Partner.

She comes in to see him and let him stroke her soft stunning hair. Overwhelmed by the sight of such soft hair he inadvertently grabs it and injures Curley’s Better half, as she shrieks Lennie is terrified of getting in trouble and tries to quite her, by doing this he breaks her neck and winds up eliminating her. So in panic Lennie goes to the river to consult with George, where George makes Lennie tell him about his dream on the farm till Lennie is killed by George by a bullet to the back of his neck, yet eliminating Lennie and his dreams. Last there was Curley’s Wife and her dream to be in pictures.

Ever since Curley’s Spouse was a child she wished to be an actress in images. So she escapes to Hollywood to make her dream come to life. Then she comes back to discover she was never accepted. However she will never know if she genuinely was or wasn’t due to the fact that her mama took and hid the letters from the movie representatives from her. She then let’s down her dream and weds a man so she can get cash and a house. On the ranch not many people like her because she is the ranch slut and threatens workers that she will get them fired and kicked out of the ranch.

She then concerns talk and comfort lennie in the barn which winds up resulting in her death. Not one of these characters live there dreams. All of there dreams end up in there own death or failure. George will never own his own cattle ranch. Lennie will never ever have the ability to tend the soft animals. Curley’s Other half will never remain in photos. The unique Of Mice and Men tells us that it is hard to satisfy your dreams, but to try as hard as you can anyways because living the dream that you’ve constantly dreamt will be the most satisfying anf greatest thing you will ever do.

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