Of Mice and Men Background Information

Of Mice and Guy Background Info

Context of Mice and Men: To comprehend the context of John Steinbeck’s book, you require to know a bit about Steinbeck himself, and a little about economic conditions in 1930’s America. John Steinbeck: John Steinbeck was born in Salinas, California in 1902. Although his family was wealthy, he was interested in the lives of the farm laborers and hung around dealing with them. He utilized his experiences as product for his writing.

He composed a variety of books about poor individuals who dealt with the land and dreamed of a better life, consisting of The Grapes of Wrath, which is the heart-rending story of a family’s battle to get away the dust bowl of the West to reach California. Steinbeck was granted the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1962, six years before his death in 1968. The Anxiety: On October 29 1929, millions of dollars were eliminated in an event that became called the Wall Street Crash.

It led to the Depression in America which maimed the nation from 1930– 1936. Individuals lost their life savings when companies and banks folded, and 12– 15 million males and females– one third of America’s population– were out of work. There was then no dole to draw on, so food was short and the unemployed in cities couldn’t pay their rent. Some wound up in settlements called ‘Hoovervilles’ (after the United States president of the time, Herbert C Hoover), in shanties made from old packing cases and corrugated iron.

A tune about a jobless male meeting an old pal he has fought along with in the First World War and asking him for a penny (the price of a cup of coffee) summed up the nationwide state of mind. Migrant farmers: Added to the manufactured monetary problems were natural ones. A series of droughts in southern mid-western states like Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas led to stopped working harvests and dried-up land. Farmers were forced to move off their land: they could not pay back the bank-loans which had actually assisted purchase the farms and had to offer what they owned to pay their financial obligations.

Many economic migrants headed west to ‘Golden’ California, thinking there would be land going extra, but the Californians turned lots of back, fearing they would be over-run. The refuges had nowhere to go back to, so they set up house in substantial camps in the California valleys– living in shacks of cardboard and old metal– and looked for work as casual farmhands. Ranch hands: Against this background, ranch hands like George and Lennie were fortunate to have work. Cattle ranch hands were grateful for a minimum of a bunk-house to live in and to have actually food provided, although the pay was low.

Think about how the guys consent to hush-up the fight between Curley and Lennie and claim that Curley got his hand caught in a device: they know that Lennie and George would be fired if the boss pertained to become aware of it, and after that Lennie and George could be entrusted absolutely nothing. Plot of Mice and Guy: The story starts when George and Lennie prepare to arrive at a ranch to work– and ends in disaster simply 4 days later. The story is informed in the 3rd individual, so we are provided with a clear, objective view of all the characters. Chapter 1:

George and Lennie camp in the brush by a swimming pool, the night prior to beginning brand-new tasks as cattle ranch hands. George finds Lennie stroking a dead mouse in his pocket. He complains that looking after Lennie prevents him from living a freer life. We discover that Lennie’s innocent petting of a girl’s gown led to them losing their last tasks in Weed. However, when they speak about their dream of getting a piece of land together, we know they truly depend on each other. Chapter 2: When they get to the cattle ranch in the morning, George and Lennie are revealed around by old Sweet.

They meet their boss and, later on, his boy, Curley– George is suspicious of Curley’s manner and cautions Lennie to keep away from him. They see Curley’s lovely and apparently flirty spouse and satisfy a few of their fellow workers, Slim and Carlson. Chapter 3: Later on that night, George tells Slim about why he and Lennie travel together and more about what happened in Weed. The guys talk about Sweet’s ancient dog, which is worn out and ill. Carlson shoots it, as an act of generosity.

George informs Sweet about their imagine getting a piece of land and Sweet excitedly offers to join them– he has capital, so they might make it occur nearly immediately. Curley provokes Lennie into a fight, which ends up with Lennie significantly injuring Curley’s hand. Chapter 4: The following night, most males on the cattle ranch enter into town. Crooks is alone in his room when Lennie joins him. They talk about land– Crooks is doubtful, not thinking that George and Lennie are going to do what a lot of other guys he’s understood have actually failed to do, and get land of their own.

Yet when Candy takes place to come in also, Crooks is persuaded and asks to be in on it too. Curley’s spouse gets here. She threatens Crooks and an argument establishes. Crooks recognizes he can never ever really be part of George, Lennie and Candy’s plan. Chapter 5: Next afternoon, Lennie mistakenly kills the pup that Slim had actually provided him by cuddling it too much. He’s sad. Curley’s spouse finds him and begins talking very openly about her feelings. She welcomes Lennie to stroke her soft hair, however he does it so highly she panics and he winds up killing her too.

He escapes to conceal, as George had actually told him. Candy discovers the body and tells George. They inform the other men– Curley desires vengeance. Chapter 6: Lennie hides in the brush by the swimming pool. He dreams of his Auntie Clara and the rabbits he will tend when he and George get their land. George finds Lennie and talks reassuringly to him about the little location they will have together– then shoots him with Carlson’s weapon. When the other guys find George, they assume he shot Lennie in self-defense. Only Slim comprehends what George did and why.

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