Of mice and men & A separate peace

Of mice and males & & A different peace

Gene and Finny v. George and Lennie People who have checked out Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck ought to understand that there are a lot of resemblances and distinctions compared to the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles. The central message of these two books display some great and bad times of 2 male good friends and the struggle of their friendship. In the book, Of Mice and Guy, George and Lennie have a difficult time getting along through their journey of surviving on a farm. In the book A Separate Peace, Gene finds it difficult to accept Finny as a true good friend, considering that Gene believes he is invincible.

These books would not be the very same if Lennie was not handicap and Finny was not ideal. There are numerous comparable themes that could support these books, however only 3 work best. The story of Gene and Finny’s relationship compared to the story of George and Lennie’s teach numerous equivalent life lessons due to the fact that they both display friendship, the American dream, and the coming of age. Due to the fact that their stories are so similar, that makes their friendship better. There are lots of resemblances between both of them, but the most typical similarity is their death.

At the end of A Separate Peace, Gene winds up killing Finny. At the end of Of Mice and Guy, George kills Lennie. In the last sentence of the book, Carlson says something truly heartless mentioning, ‘”Now what the hell ya suppose is consuming them two guys'” (Steinbeck 105). Gene discovered to worth Finny’s relationship toward the middle of the book and George always got irritated of things Lennie said and did. Both of their relationships experienced some jealousy, however whether they said it or not, Gene valued Finny’s relationship simply as much as George valued Lennie’s.

Many books have numerous themes, but it is special to share the very same in both. Gene and Finny and George and Lennie share the exact same American dream. These stories are both based off of these men’s future plans, whether it is in school or work. In this case, it is both. While Gene and Finny want to surpass in school (sports and studying), George and Lennie wanted to go beyond in their farming skills and meet everybody’s expectations. But there are some significant distinctions that occur with their dreams. For example, Gene wished to be smarter and Finny wished to be more athletic.

When Finny finds out he broke his leg, he specifies, ‘”Listen Pal, if I can’t play sports, you’re going to play them for me'” (Knowles 77). George and Lennie had never ever believed that their dream would ever become a reality, however Lennie constantly did. So, both Gene and Finny and George and Lennie had a future strategy, however neither of them appeared to prosper. Gene and Finny and George and Lennie both mature during their stories, and this shows the maturing. Gene believed he was making the very best choice at the time he jounced the limb, but he regretted it later on.

On the other hand, George believed he was making the best choice to shoot Lennie, but he knew it was not right. George and Lennie’s long walk to the farm assisted Lennie to prepare for what might take place there. Gene and Finny’s distinctions assisted Gene decide to jounce the limb. The coming of age inclined in a progressive way throughout both of their stories. George and Lennie’s relationship compared to Gene and Finny’s relationship teach a lot of comparable life lessons; from the worth of their relationship, to the American dream and the coming of age.

Adding all 3 of these styles together produces numerous realistic lifelessons. Individuals who have checked out A Different Peace know that Finny is a great thoughtful buddy that has a good heart. Gene and Finny v. George and Lennie have lots of similarities and differences, however one story informs the reader about Gene’s jealousy torward Finny and his life after his mishap. The story in Of Mice and Men, tells the reader Lennie’s troubles working on the farm with George. Both offered a story, lesson and a reason for their problems and this is why they are similar.

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