Of Mice And Men – A dream is pictures and ideas a person has in their mind

Of Mice And Guy– A dream is photos and concepts an individual has in their mind

Dreams are unique to people and demonstrate how they feel. George and Lennie were the primary characters, who had a dream. George and Lennie have been together for a very long time and they discussed their dreams. They both simply want to own a farm with animals and a garden. They don’t want to have anyone bossing them around any longer. They simply want to be their own employer and do what they want to do. They want to be able to run everything their method and no one else’s. Violence is a force, which is damaging and unfavorable.

There were a few characters that experienced violence in this book. The primary one was Curley. He constantly likes to pick fights with larger people and trigger difficulty. He also likes to threaten individuals about them getting near to his spouse. Another individual who triggered violence was Lennie. Lennie isn’t a violent person he just can’t assist hurting things. He doesn’t suggest to trigger any of the violence that he puts out. He would not be violent at all if he might simply control his strength. Carlson was another person that showed some violence. He kept on pressing Candy about eliminating his pet dog.

When he ended up killing Sweet’s canine it didn’t even trouble him he just did it and went on with his life. Nature is living things like the animals and plants. Nature is a beautiful thing that is being messed up by guy. In the book the employees lowered trees and build things with it. They do not care about nature at all they just destroy it. The only individual that may have liked nature was Lennie, when he pointed out about living in a cave. Loneliness is when a person feels isolated on the within, not actually essential to anyone. Loneliness is a very big theme in this book.

Much of the characters experienced this. This is a really sad thing, which I think nobody ought to have at all. One person that had this was Curley’s spouse, even if it didn’t appear so. She was the only lady on a cattle ranch full of men. She didn’t have anybody to speak with or share her feelings with. She had a partner, however he didn’t wish to spend time with her and didn’t desire her spending quality time with another person. Another individual is Crooks who kept himself far from everybody. There was too much racism going on, so he ‘d rather keep his space.

Candy was also an extremely lonesome person. He has no family members and his only friend was his pet who was removed from him by Carlson. George wound up to be a lonely individual in the end. He had Lennie but when he was forced to eliminate him, he had nobody left. The people in this story went through many things. Basically every character experienced a minimum of one of these styles. Violence and isolation seemed to be huge parts in the themes in this story. Nevertheless, loneliness was the strongest style in the story and nobody need to experience it.

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