Oedipus the King and Line

Oedipus the King and Line

Teiresias vs. Oedipus The play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles outlines a man who is blind to see his own fate. The King goes through many different hubris acts leading up to the reason that he is blind. Throughout the play many different individuals attempt to inform Oedipus what’s occurring but he doesn’t want to believe it. Oedipus was distributed as an infant, and raised by another King and Queen. Oedipus matured and eliminated his daddy and ended up being King of the city. This triggered him to be wed to his mother. Eyes are for sight however Oedipus does not have vision physically and psychologically.

In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, the small character of Teiresias is responsible for foreshadowing Oedipus’ fate by developing the style of blindness, and also illustrating dramatic irony. Teiresias is accountable for more establishing the theme of blindness, by utilizing his own physical loss of sight to expose to Oedipus his psychological blindness. Teiresias has the ability to see the fate and destruction of Oedipus’ life. Teiresias utilizes his fantastic capability to expose to the reader the failures in Oedipus’ life that will soon happen.

The character of Teiresias shows using foreshadowing in order for the reader to be knowledgeable about Oedipus’ fate. Tiresias also foreshadows the self-mutilation and destruction of Oedipus. The following quotation plainly shows using foreshadowing by Teiresias,” I say you reside in hideous embarassment with those most dear to you. You can not see the evil” (288 line 149). The quote to Oedipus should imply something but it implies nothing to him– he is blind to see what it suggests. To Tiresias it suggests your entire life is a lie. The special part of this quote is? hose most dear to you’. Indicating somebody who near you has a great deal to do with this pity. Teiresias further develops the theme of blindness in the story. Teiresias is a blind male who can in fact see the fated outcome of Oedipus’ life. Despite the fact that Oedipus has full use of his physical vision, he is totally blind of his fate. Teiresias uses his own blindness to make Oedipus knowledgeable about his own psychological loss of sight towards the truths of his life. Teiresias exposes to Oedipus that it is Oedipus’ physical sight that avoids him from seeing the realities of his past.

This quote highlights the style of blindness as exposed by Teiresias to Oedipus. “Listen to me. You mock my blindness, do you? Bust I say that you, with both your eyes, are blind. You can not see the wretchedness of your life, not in whose house you live, no, nor with whom.” (289 line 195-198). This quote clearly represents the advancement of the theme of loss of sight. Paradox is shown throughout Oedipus Rex and is ultimately displayed by Teiresias. Even though Teiresias entirely blind physically, can see the torment of Oedipus’ life. Oedipus, who has total usage of his sight, is completely blind to his past and his fate.

The degree of Oedipus’ psychological blindness is helped by him being incredibly hubris. It is paradoxical that a male who is blind physically can see the suffering and madness that will concern another person in the future due to his ongoing drive for knowledge. “A discovery that will fail to please a blind man who has his eyes now; an impoverished male, who is abundant now; and he will go tapping the unusual earth with his personnel; to the kids with whom he lives now he will be bother and father– the really exact same; to her who bore him, boy and spouse– the extremely exact same who pertained to his daddy’s bed, damp with his dad’s blood. (290 line 235-241). This passage reveals the understanding of Oedipus’ past to him. The King lastly had the ability to mentally see what was going in before him after his wife/mother killed herself.” It held true! All the predictions! Now, O light, might search you for the last time! “(306 line 69-70). Oedipus now refers to sight. He has psychologically seen what has actually been going on. He chooses to do something to himself physically considering that mentally he was blind. “. he King ripped from her dress the golden brooches that were her accessory, and raised them, and plunged them down directly into his own eyeballs, weeping “No more, No more will you look on the torment about me, the scaries of my doing!” (309 line 42-47) He even more goes on by telling the people they must not see that faces whom he has actually seen and etc. It took a physically blind man to reveal a mentally blind male things he would never ever be able to see physically. Eyes are not as important to a person as

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