The Main Problems of Oedipus Rex: Oedipus the King

Oedipus the King

Tyreese Sonny Mr Reed Reading/Princeton June, 4. 2013 Fate vs. Free choice Essay There are times when things occur to individuals since of their fate or their choices or their fate. In the story Oedipus Rex there is a character named Oedipus whom through out the story has things take place to him. Some individuals say it’s because of his faith. Other individuals state it’s due to the fact that of his actions. The majority of people state it’s because of his actions. For starters, Oedipus’s issues are because of his actions. For instance Oedipus thinks too highly of himself as a king, he thinks everyone needs to listen to what e states at all times. In the story on page 61, it states “come speak plainly or it will go hard with you.” Oedipus says this to the shepherd so he could make him talk about what occurred to him as kid when he was left where the 3 roads meet. Next, Oedipus’s other problem is that he is to aggressive and short tempered. He responds to individuals in ways he shouldn’t. In the text it specifies on pg. 43,” There were three highways coming together at a location I passed and there a declare came towards me, nd a chariot drawn by horses, with a man such as you explain seated in it. The groom leading the horses required me off the roadway at his lord’s command; but as this charioteer stumbled over towards me I struck him in my rage. The old guy saw ma and brought his double goad down upon my head as I came abreast. He was repaid, and more! Swinging my club in this right-hand man I knocked him out of his car, and he rolled on the ground. I eliminated him.” This shows Oedipus is short tempered due to the fact that there wasn’t a requirement o kill the old guy. Last but not least, Oedipus is indicate to his wife Iocaste. He treats her like she is a nag. In the text on page 57 it states “go, among you and bring the shepherd here let us leave this woman to boast of her royal name. When Oedipus says this he is talking about his wife Iocaste which is wrong. All in all, the things that take place to Oedipus are due to the fact that of his actions not because of his fate. He responds to people not always in a considerate way. He eliminated some one, which you aren’t supposing to do and its wrong.

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