Oedipus Rex and Aristotle

Oedipus Rex and Aristotle

The plot of a catastrophe usually includes a terrible hero’s fall from grace. Aristotle explains plot in two methods an easy plot and a complicated one. In a simple plot a fall from grace occurs, but in a complicated plot this modification is accompanied by a recognition, or a reversal, or both (Aristotle). “Oedipus Rexes” involves an intricate plot with a recognition. The plot uses cause and effect to bring about the acknowledgment. The pester in Thebes causes Oedipus to hire the oracle of Delphi. The oracle then tells Oedipus he should banish the murderer of the previous king triggering him to call for Terrifies, who states

Oedipus is the murderer. Oedipus then unwittingly assumes someone is plotting against him causing arrival of the only one who knows who killed the former king. This causes the acknowledgment that he really is the reason for the pester. Character is the second most important part of a tragedy, since it supports the primary plot. According to Aristotle, the awful hero is somebody born of noble blood that has a particular mind set. The mind set ought to be among enthusiasm and aspiration to do the best thing; this state of mind allows the reader to sympathize with the hero.

The hero ought to go from honored and honored to pitied and denied. Also, the tragic hero ought to have a flaw which causes his disastrous failure. The awful hero of this drama is Oedipus. He begins as the king because of his good deed for the kingdom, and ends up exiled and blind (Bookcase). The people of his kingdom where initially honored to be under his rule and later on embarrassed of there king. Oedipus flaw is he does not know who he is this ignorance leads to him bringing about his own failure. Next on the list of elements of a drama is thought.

The component idea is seed to support character and appears in the speeches’ of the characters (Aristotle). These speeches reveal the ideas and sensations of the character; further permitting the reader to develop a relationship with the character. In “Oedipus Rexes” idea is illustrated in the speech Oedipus makes when he recognizes the reality about his circumstances. Language, or diction, is 4th on the list of a tragedy major points. Aristotle mentions that metaphors are the most beneficial type of language in a disaster. The primary metaphor represented in “Oedipus Rexes” is that of sight and loss of sight.

The king things he sees all but in truth he is blind to the truth. Ironically the only one who can see the reality is the blind seer Horrifies. Oedipus starts the play able to see but is blind and ends the play blind but able to see. The 5th significant point in a tragedy is melody. Tune includes the chorus of the drama. Aristotle competes that the chorus should not be just be an intermission however needs to add to the plot and character of the disaster (Aristotle). This is exemplified in “Oedipus Rexes in lines PLACE BOOK QUOTE. The last and least crucial aspect of disaster is phenomenon.

Aristotle rates this last due to the fact that it depends more on the stage than the drama itself. Phenomenon is the visual help that assist the audience to comprehend the sensations they need to feel. The spectacle of the play occurs when Oedipus gets news that his other half has hung her self. Although the hanging happens off set the spectacle provided enables the audience to feel the emotions going through Oedipus. Aristotle analysis of a disaster in ‘The Poetics” is a best fit with Sophocles’ “Oedipus Rexes”. All six aspects of a catastrophe are well represented in the poem.

The plot is intricate and supported by the character and language. The character remains in turn supported by the idea and language. Phenomenon and melody assistance combine the plot with the remainder of the drama. A disaster, in Aristotle eyes, includes a complex plot with a noble characters fall from prosperity to adversity. The readers should feel sympathy and fear towards the primary character. The character’s flaws will produce the weather fall and enable the character to recognize the defect. All of these are represented in “Oedipus Rexes” making it a perfect catastrophe.

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