The actions of Oedipus Rex

Oedipus Rex

The actions of Oedipus are factors in his downfall as he chooses to complete missing out on information of his youth. Oedipus has a sense of curiosity about his childhood and he searches for the responses. As a kid, he experiences an event with an inebriated guy who informs Oedipus that he is not the kid of his parents, Polyp’s and Emperor. Oedipus, perplexed and upset, he asks his moms and dads if this is an anecdote. His moms and dads press him away and tell him that this is not true, however Oedipus starts to have doubt and determines to discover the responses.

In order for Oedipus to get the responses, he goes to Delphi and obtains about his childhood: Ata banquet, an intoxicated male maundering in his cups Cries out that I am not my dad’s child! I contained myself that night, though felt anger And a sinking heart … Yet the suspicion Stayed constantly hurting my mind; I understood there was talk; I could not rest; And finally, stating absolutely nothing to my moms and dads, I went to the shrine at Delphi … Some were clear, Full of wretchedness, dreadful, intolerable; As, that I need to lie with my own mother, type Kids from whom all males would turn their eyes; And that I must be my fathers murderer.

Oedipus Rexes 745- 755) Oedipus’ search for info about his unidentified youth allows him to achieve the information by being determined to get the responses on his own. This contributes to Oedipus’ failure as he decides to go and get answers about whom his moms and dads are and where he is from. In addition to Oedipus selecting to search for info about his youth, his fate can likewise add to his downfall. At Oedipus birth, the oracle of killing his father and weding his mother exists to him by Apollo, who is the god of reality and prediction.

Knowing his parents, Oedipus tries to prevent the fate from coming true and stays away from Corinth. But in the end, the fate comes back at Oedipus in Thebes because he is destine to make oracle come true, “Apollo, Apollo. Dear Kid, the god was Apollo. He purchased my sick, sick fate upon me.” (Oedipus Rexes 1304-1306). Oedipus is design to make the oracle true, which Apollo turn over to him at birth. This adds to his failure as Oedipus does not want to face his fate and given that he can not avoid it, the fate comes to life when he recognizes the fact of his life.

Oedipus’ blindness adds to his downfall as he does not see with his eyes, to the reality of his own life. It is not after his downfall he realizes the reality about his life even when he is blind. His loss of sight comes in location when he begins to search for King Alias’ murderer. Oedipus is clueless to the fact that he was the one who killed Alias even after being informed by Terrifies, a blind soothsayer, that he murder Alias. Terrifies states: You mock my blindness, do you? But I state that you, with both your eyes, are blind: You can not see the wretchedness of your life, Nor in whose home you live, no, nor with whom.

You do not even know the blind wrongs That you have done them, in the world and worldwide listed below. (Oedipus Rexes 400-406) Oedipus is blind at the truth that he was the one who eliminated King Alias and he did those atrocious deeds of eliminating his own father with his hands. Horrifies says “However state that you, with both your eyes, are blind” to Oedipus that although he has sight, he is blinded by the fact of his life and Frightens has sight of Oedipus life through his blind eyes. Frightens can see the “wretchedness” of Oedipus’ life despite the fact that he is entirely blind physically.

Likewise, the fate and his loss of sight of Oedipus come to life at his breakdown. Oedipus’ loss of sight of not understanding the reality about his life causes his fate to come true at his breakdown. Terrifies, who is physically blind usages his psychological vision to see the truth and fate of Oedipus. Oedipus is not using his psychological vision to seek the reality of his life and when he does seek the fact he blinds himself physically to not withstand the discomfort of fate. Oedipus States this while he blinds himself with his better half’s brooches: Straight into his own eyeballs, weeping “No more, No more will you look on the misery about me,

The scaries of my own doing! Too long you have understood The faces of those whom must never have seen, Too long been blind to those for whom I was searching! From this hour, go in darkness! (Oedipus Rexes 1238-1243) As Oedipus understands the truth that he did kill King Alias, his own dad and wed his mom, he decides to utilize the brooches from his mother to stick them into his eyes. Oedipus physically blinds himself since he knows that he has not been using his psychological vision to see the past of his life and not to avoid the prediction from Apollo to come true.

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