Oedipus Reader’s Log

World Literature– Reader Action Log– Oedipus Rex Section|Line(s)|Questions|Reader’s Commentary|| Prologue|1-150|1. Describe the remarkable function of the Prologue.|The prologue sets the atmosphere of Oedipus Rex, and gets the reader interested.

|||8|2. How does Oedipus define himself in line 8?|He sees himself as famous to all guys.|||25-30|3. Explain the conditions in Thebes as portrayed by the Priest in lines 25-30.|There is disease contaminating the fruit and cattle of their land, and ladies in labor are losing their kids.|||40-46|4. How do the suppliants see Oedipus in lines 31-34, 40, and 46? They are grateful of him since he released them from the homage they were paying|||| 5. What is a Sphinx? What is the response to the riddle, “What has one voice and 4 feet, 2 feet and 3 feet?” Who responds to the riddle?|A winged monster of Thebes, having a lady’s head and a lion’s body. Guy as a baby, he crawls on all fours; as an adult, he strolls on two legs and; in aging, he uses a ‘strolling’ stick. Oedipus addresses the riddle.|||41-4253|6. What demand does the Priest make from Oedipus in lines 41-42 and 53?|They ask Oedipus for aid, to help their state. So now, you best of males, raise up our state.”|||60-61|7. Specify remarkable paradox. Then, explain its function in lines 60-61.|Paradox that is comprehended by the audience/readers however not by the characters in the story. The audience would have already understood Oedipus’ fate when hearing those lines, while the priest/Oedipus had no idea of what really happened.|||95-107|8. Review lines 95-107 once again. What does Apollo say must be done to rid Thebes of its pollution?|”Lord Phoebus plainly orders us to repel the contaminating stain this land has harboured” they need to find who eliminated Laius.|||114-123125|9.

What were the circumstances surrounding Laius’s death (refer to lines 114-123)? Additionally, what intention does Oedipus assign the murderer (lines 124-125)?|All of the messengers died that went with Laius other than for one man. Oedipus says that the men are burglars.|||137-141|10. Describe the paradox present in Oedipus’s resolution (lines 137-141).|Oedipus is talking about what the killer may do; while unbeknownst to him he’s actually the killer.|| Section|Line(s)|Questions|Reader’s Commentary|| Parados|151-215|11. Talk about the Chorus’ reaction to Apollo’s suggestions to the city of Thebes (lines 154-157). The chorus is frightened, and is asking what they need to provide for Zeus. “What responsibility will you demand from me, a thing unknown”.|||170-182|12. Describe the conditions in the city as stated by the Chorus (lines 170-182).|Everyone is dissatisfied, and a number of the townspeople have actually passed away or are passing away.|| First Episode|216-462|13. Why does Oedipus seek the counsel of Teiresias (lines 278-287)?|He can see into things like Lord Apollo.|| 316-344|316-344|14. What is Teiresias reaction to Oedipus’s demand (lines 316-344)?|He does not want to inform Oedipus anything.|| 353-371|353-371|15.

How does Oedipus see Teiresias? What paradoxes exist in their discussion? Describe lines 353-371.|Oedipus views Teiresias as a liar, he thinks what he’s stating is wrong. Oedipus calls Teiresias blind, and eventually Oedipus will be blind.|||385-389|16. In lines 385-389, Oedipus starts to harbor a suspicion about Creon. What is this suspicion? Why is this crucial?|He believes Creon has actually betrayed him. Nevertheless, Oedipus is incorrect, and won’t see the essential reality that is in front of him.|||390-398|17. What superior quality does Oedipus claim over Teiresias in lines 390-398? Oedipus declares he has wit, while Teiresias just has “the birds”.|||413-425|18. In lines 413-425, Teiresias exposes the truth to Oedipus about his lineage. What does Teiresias predict will be Oedipus’s fate? Refer to lines 417-423; 452-460.|Teiresias states that Oedipus will go blind, which his cries will not be heard. Also, he says he will be bad.|| First Stasimon|463-512|19. Talk about the Chorus’ view of Teiresias’s allegations against Oedipus. Describe lines 483-495; 504-511.|They can not validate or deny them, the chorus is really baffled.|| Area|Line(s)|Concerns|Reader’s Commentary||

2nd Episode|513-862|20. How does Creon defend himself against Oedipus’s accusation of conspiracy (lines 583-604)?|Creon says he’s much happier not being king which when you’re king you need to reside in worry.|||639-697|21. What does Jocasta perform in lines 639-697?|Jocasta discovers of what Oedipus wants to do to Creon and she stops him.|||707-722|22. How does Jocasta guarantee Oedipus that is not guilty of the king’s death, lines 707-722?|She informs him what the gods stated. That it would be Laius’ kid who eliminated him and that Laius’ sent his boy away.|||726-745|23.

Why is Oedipus disturbed and terrified by Jocasta’s comments in lines 726-745?|He realizes that he is the person who killed Laius’, suggesting he is Laius’ boy, and has an incest relationship with his wife/mother.|||758-764|24. Go back to lines 758-764. What took place to the one witness to the king’s death?|The witness pled to be sent off to where the animals graze.|||774-775779-793|25. Whom does Oedipus believe are his true moms and dads, lines 774-775? Why does he check out the Delphic Circle? What is he told? Describe lines 779-793.|He thinks Polybus of Corinth is his daddy.

Oedipus goes to Delphic Circle to seek responses about his moms and dads; he’s told that his fate was to defile his mom’s bed.|||813-822|26. Describe what Oedipus fears most in lines 813-822.|He states he won’t be invited by anybody.|||842-858|27. How does Jocasta assure Oedipus in lines 842-858?|She says that Laius was killed by a group of males, which her son died long earlier so the expressions could not hold true.|||858-860|28. What request does Oedipus make in lines 858-860?|He requests to see the peasant/witness.|| Section|Line(s)|Concerns|Reader’s Commentary||

Second Stasimon|863-910|29. What dream does the Chorus express in the first stanza, lines 863-872?|They pray that “fate still finds me deserving”.|||897-910|What concern does the Chorus express in the fourth verse, lines 897-910?|They worry that the predictions will fail to be fulfilled.|| 3rd Episode|911-1085|30. Whom is Jocasta hoping to in lines 911-923?|She is hoping to Apollo.|||924-963|31. What news is provided to Oedipus in lines 924-963? What is his response to the Messenger’s news? (964-972)? What is Jocasta’s response (977-983)? The messenger informs them Oedipus’ daddy has died. Jocasta states not to worship Apollo due to the fact that he was incorrect about the prophecies. Jocasta states that she currently predicted of this.|||1008-1046|32. What additional details does the Messenger provide, lines 1008-1046?|The messenger tells him that Polybus is not his genuine daddy, which Oedipus was discovered with his ankles looped.|||1056-1075 1076-1079|33. Why does Jocasta ask Oedipus to refrain from seeking out the Rancher then leave, lines 1056-1075? How does Oedipus view Jocasta’s erratic behavior? Refer to lines 1076-1079.|Jocasta understands that Oedipus is her boy, and she doesn’t desire him to learn. Oedipus makes his own decision, making Jocasta vow to never ever speak once again. Oedipus thinks Jocasta repents of him.|||| 34. Go over the irony surrounding the Messenger’s arrival immediately after Jocasta’s prayer. Is he truly providing excellent news?|The messenger is not really delivering great news; it’s really news that will hurt both Jocasta and Oedipus. Also, the irony is she her prayer is right away addressed by the messenger’s arrival.|Third Stasimon|1086-1109|35. Whom does the Chorus recognize as parents to Oedipus? Describe lines 1098-1101.|The chorus determines immortal gods as Oedipus’ parents.|| 4th Episode|1110-1185|36. Whom was the Herdsman employed with? Why is he hesitant to answer questions from Oedipus, lines 1117-1181?|The rancher was utilized with Laius. He’s doesn’t want to respond to because he knows he and Oedipus will suffer.|| Area|Line (s)| Concerns|Reader’s Commentary|| Fourth Stasimon|1186-1222|37. What basic remark does the Chorus offer based on Oedipus’s predicament? Refer to lines 1186-1196.|They state that “no mortal man is ever blessed”. They pity Oedipus.|||1214-1215|38. What dreadful fact concerning Oedipus’s marital relationship to Jocasta does the Chorus identify in lines 1214 and 1215?|It says that Oedipus and Jocasta are in fact mom and boy.|| Exodos|1223 to the end|39. What news does the 2nd Messenger reveal in lines 1235-1279?|They say that Jocasta killed herself.|||1290-1291|40. Discuss the symbolism of Oedipus’s self-blinding. What does Oedipus mean to do, lines 1290-1291? What triggers these actions? Oedipus has put a curse on himself, he wishes to be eradicated to sat he doesn’t bare the curse on to your house.|||1329-1331|41. In the next section of the Exodos, Oedipus joins the Chorus in regreting his fate. Whom does Oedipus blame in lines 1329-1331?|He blames Apollo.|||1369-1385|42. What factors does Oedipus provide for his self-blinding in lines 1369-1385?|He couldn’t bear to see his father and mom in Hades, or look at his kids.|||1436-1467|43. What requests does Oedipus make of Creon? Describe lines 1436-1467.|He desires Creon to cast him out where no other person will see him.|| 1489-1502|44. Explain the vision Oedipus has for his daughters’future in lines 1489-1502.|Oedipus thinks his kids will be single, and barren for the rest of their lives.|||1524-1530|45. What ethical lesson does the Chorus derive from Oedipus’s life? Refer to lines 1524-1530. |”We can not call a mortal moring than happy prior to he’s passed beyond life devoid of pain.”You can’t call a person happy till they’ve passed away.|| * Adapted from The Classical Origins of Western Culture Research Study Guide, Copyright © 1986 by Brooklyn College, The City University of New York All rights reserved. Published 1986.

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