Oedipus – Greek Theatre

Oedipus– Greek Theatre

Oedipus being shown in an upgraded variation is a very reliable and understandable way to provide it to audiences. The play that was seen in class was an excellent adjustment of the initial play. Although modern-day versions of Oedipus are far various today than the way they were performed throughout Sophocles’s time, I think he would be impressed with the manner in which modern-day versions of his play are performed. The reason I believe that the play works so well in an upgraded version is the fact that many people understand the story prior to seeing it.

The play utilizes awful paradox to keep the audience interested. This story might have been composed in any time duration and still had the ability to engage the audience. This is precisely why the play has actually been around for so long. The story is so good that no matter what way you present it will work since the structure of the story works so well. The thing I think that is mostly acquired from an updated variation is the innovation and the overall appeal to the viewer. I really do not believe that I would have enjoyed enjoying plays in the original Greek theatre because of the way it was.

I am probably type of predisposition because of the technologies that we have today. We are really spoiled. They would have been hard to understand and unpleasant to watch. This modern day variation of the play works effectively. It is easy to comprehend and simple to follow. The characters appearances were depicted just as they would be if might not see the characters at all. Oedipus is represented as an excellent looking strong boy that appears like a king. His wife/mother Jocasta looks much older than Oedipus which is extremely important due to the fact that this is one of the primary plot lines in the play.

In ancient variations, an individual viewing the play would not be able to distinguish the different characters. The characters would just have different kinds of masks to depict the various characters. That is why I think using the human characters playing each function works much better than the traditional way the Greek theatre was viewed. The most crucial thing that is being lost from revealing Oedipus in an upgraded variation is the timeless way that the ancient Greek theatre utilized to provide their plays.

The entire ora of the Greek Theatre is missing. In the play that was viewed in class there were numerous stars in the play. There was a different actor used for each of the characters. This was not the case in traditional ancient Greek theatre. All characters in the plays of ancient Greek dramas were performed by two characters. Without the use of modern day technologies such as microphones, the audience would have problem seeing or hearing the characters actions and gestures unless you had excellent seats.

The stars would use different type of masks with various type of facial expressions so the audience would understand what was going on and who was who in the play. That was most likely what was so unique about the ancient Greek way of seeing a play. You had to use your imagination and thoughts to watch the play. You would have to pay truly close attention and enjoy the actor’s moves. That is what is unique about seeing the play in ancient Greek period. It wasn’t all about the dialogue as it had to do with watching the star’s motions and actions.

All in all either existing in ancient Greek or a modern production, Oedipus works since of the story that emerges. In both period the play is deemed a timeless. I would personally prefer seeing Oedipus in an updated version due to the fact that this is the time that I am living in and this is the manner in which plays are viewed. In contrast to this, the play as viewed in ancient Greek theatre would have been simply as effective in its period. Comparing the various productions of the play is like comparing apples and oranges. They are 2 very various things, but both effective.

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