Notes on Catcher in the Rye

Notes on Catcher in the Rye

Quote: (Chapter 12 page 81) “Well, you understand the ducks that swim around in it? In the spring and all? Do you take place to know where they enter the winter, by any possibility?”
Analysis: I believe that Holden Caulfield is questioning the taxi driver on where the ducks opt for the winter because he feels that he can relate to them. The ducks have no choice, but to leave the lake they are on and search for a brand-new place to go. Holden needed to leave his school, and just like the ducks, try to find a new place to go. Holden feels lonesome and is searching for something to guide him. He desires instructions and is having a mental struggle with the idea of having no place to seek to. Holden is trying to better his mindset by understanding the world around him, like the patterns the ducks follow. Even if this contrast is rather imaginary I do think that the ducks straight connect to Holden and the truth of his scenario.

Quote: (Chapter 14 page 98) “Kid, I felt miserable. I felt so depressed, you can’t imagine. What I did, I began talking, sort of out loud, to Allie. I do that often when I get very depressed.”
Analysis: This shows how mentally unsteady and confused Holden Caulfield really is. He is in a dark and depressive state. He feels that no one understands what he is going through and in basic is simply lost. So lost that he pretends to speak with his deceased little bro, Allie. Amongst feeling out of place and lost I think he feels extremely lonely as well. He is miserable since he is seeking this human connection that he can’t find. Holden even went to extremes when working with a woman of the street named Sunny, merely to talk to her since he needed someone, anybody, to listen to him.

Quote: (Chapter 13 page 89) “No one is calling any person a thief. All I know is my gloves were in your goddamn galoshes. It could go on like that for hours. Lastly, though, I ‘d leave his room without even taking a sock at him.”
Analysis: This mere story right here represents how Holden Caulfield feels helpless. He is informing the story of how his gloves were stolen back at his former private school. Holden is playing out the circumstance for us of what would have happened if he were to discover who took his gloves. He would challenge the burglar, however then let him go without any effects. I believe this shows somewhat of a mental instability due to the fact that Holden is not standing up for himself. He is permitting this fictional thief to walk all over him. It demonstrates how he can’t really separate fantasy and truth since here he is evaluating and picturing how an event that didn’t happen would play out. I believe this statement from Holden reveals his mindset taking a failure because he is leading himself to believe that he would let someone who did him wrong get away with their actions. He has a continuous shock and a lack of self-esteem in this moment.

Quote: (Chapter 12 page 86) “I certainly started to seem like a reward horse’s ass, though, sitting there all by myself. There wasn’t anything to do other than smoke and beverage.”
Analysis: Holden Caulfield is at an all time low point at this moment. He has gotten away from his private school where he was expelled and went back to New york city City where he continues to avoid facing reality and going home. He has absolutely no purpose and marvels around the city looking for something he will never discover. Searching for something to fill deep space inside him, but he remains lonely. Holden is at a bar all by himself, a teen, simply smoking cigarettes and drinking with no care in the world. Nevertheless, he frantically looks for company and friendship. While Holden listens to the discussions of other individuals around him, he remains crucial. This is another indication that he is mentally unsteady. How can somebody so lost and puzzled, without any one to rely on, judge others so roughly. Holden requires to self reflect and understand he needs to do something about it in his life and face reality. Holden is captured up in his fantasy world and has no sense of any responsibilities.

Quote: (Chapter 14 page 104) “What I actually felt like, though, was committing suicide. I felt like jumping out the window. I most likely would’ve done it too”
Analysis: I feel that Holden is in an extremely delicate mental state. He feels hatred towards himself and the world around him. Holden desires an escape and for a minute considers the extreme. Holden is trying to find himself and I think he wants to be happy and improve. He attempts so hard to seek relationships and get in touch with everybody. Though, I am still concerned that he can’t differentiate his dreams and what is real reality. Holden does not want to face this truth. He is the happiest when he is spontaneous and spontaneous. In moments like these, however, when Holden believes excessive and examines the truth of his circumstances he instantly wants to end them. So in conclusion, I think Holden is unsteady psychologically, however as quickly as he faces life’s challenges, will be completely great.

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