MWDS The Picture of Dorian Gray

MWDS The Picture of Dorian Gray

MWDS: The Photo of Dorian Gray AP English IV!!! Title of Work: The Photo of Dorian Gray Author: Oscar Wilde Date of Publication: 1890 genre: Gothic Biographical Information Oscar Wilde was born upon October 16, 1854 to Sir William Wilde and Jane Wilde, the second of three children. Wilde studied at Oxford, and signed up with the Freemasons in 1878 after stopping working to join the Oxford Union. After graduation, he went house to Dublin and started composing poems. The Image of Dorian Gray was his very first and just novel. Wilde married Constance Lloyd in 1884 and died on November 30, 1900 to cerebral meningitis.

Historical Information As the 2nd commercial revolution went on, steel, railways, and electricity allowed for the financial growth of the United States and Western Europe. The standard of life rose dramatically, and health concern and sanitation caused infection and death rates to drop considerably. Throughout the decade, gothic books, like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, were released. Characteristics of the Genre The setting, environment, and emotions are significant and bleak. Dark suspense and mystery are highly tied to gothic books, in addition to the supernatural. Plot Summary

The Photo of Dorian Gray is an American unique centered on Dorian Gray, a handsome rich young man living in the 19th century in London. Even though Dorian is an extremely intelligent person, he often finds himself quickly controlled and this fault will eventually lead him to failure. Dorian has his photo painted by a pal called Basil, and when Dorian fulfills his pal Lord Henry Wotton, his life will quickly collapse. Dorian starts to believe that youth and appeal will bring him whatever he desires, so he makes a dream that the portrait will age, and he will stay forever young and good-looking.

The photo starts to show Dorian’s facts portraying him as a demon-like creature, and eventually he will concern recognize all the horrible sins he created over fourteen years. After Dorian realized he is the outcome of many deaths, he retreats to his old school room to stab the photo in the heart. This alleviates him of all his sins and the picture and he switches back, finally revealing Dorian’s age.!! Author’s Design Wilde composes with strong information and vocabulary. His tendency to write through dialog is evident, as the growth of the characters and plot are through spoken words. Example ‘He has a simple and a beautiful nature. Your auntie was rather best in what she said of him. Don’t spoil him. Don’t attempt to affect him. Your influence would be bad. The world is large, and has numerous wonderful individuals in it. Don’t take away from me the a single person who offers to my art whatever beauty it possesses: my life as an artist depends upon him. Mind, Harry, I trust you'” (12 ). Basil describing Dorian’s value to stay innocent from Lord Henry.! Unforgettable Quotations Quotation: Significance: 1 “Experience was of no ethical value. It was simply the name guys fave to their mistakes” (55 ).

This quote from Lord Henry is considerable, due to the fact that it applies to every experience an individual learns from. To acquire experience, an individual has to attempt to do something and stop working. You can not discover too with winning as you can with losing. 2 “To define is to restrict” (188 ).! This quote from Lord Henry is significant, since as Gladys attempts to specify Lord Henry, the reader realizes that Henry is a multitude of terms. He is a skeptic, a theorist, a leader, and more. This likewise uses to limiting presence as a single thing; ought to you attempt to specify humanity, you ‘d be restricting yourself in exploring other methods of thought. “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing” (43 ).! This quote from Lord Henry is considerable, because it can be used to everything. The cost of something may not compare to it’s worth. An education that is considered an offered and is considered approved can be an education of the greatest value that is desired by numerous. 4 “Dorian Gray, with his lovely eyes, looked down at her, and his chiseled lips curled in charming ridicule” (84 ). This quote is significant, due to the fact that it shows Dorian’s self-indulging side overshadowing the stunning, pure goodness of his normal self. “Sin is a thing that writes itself throughout a man’s face. It can not be hidden” (143 ). This quote from Basil is considerable, since Dorian had actually already done revolting things, but Basil can not see it. He is contradicting himself.! 6 “When one remains in love, one always starts by tricking one’s self, and one constantly ends by deceiving others” (49 ). This quote from Lord Henry is significant, because Lord Henry is foreshadowing what Dorian is about to do to Sibyl, and how her love will betray her. 7 “I feel as if something awful were going to take place to some of us. To myself, possibly” (195 ).

This quote from Dorian is considerable, because he is foreshadowing the coming occasions of death and terror that will befall his buddies and himself. 8 “… no civilized man ever regrets a satisfaction, and no uncivilized guy ever knows what a pleasure is” (74 ). This quote from Lord Henry is substantial, since it uses to the real world. Should a man experience happiness through good friends, an uncivilized male would never ever experience that joy. 9 “An increased shook in her blood and shadowed her cheeks. Quick breath parted the petals of her lips. They trembled. Some southern wind of enthusiasm swept over er and stirred the pretty folds of her dress. ‘I enjoy him,’ she said merely” (57 ). This quote from Sybil is significant, since the author’s writing style and the character’s significant and enthusiastic personality are composed vividly. 10 “‘The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips reword history'” (213 ). This quote from Dorian’s past is substantial, due to the fact that it’s Dorian’s entirety in one sentence. His life was specified by his affect on individuals. Significant Characters Call: Role in the story: Significance: Adjectives: 1! Dorian Gray! Main character “Prince Charming” gone rong Novel revolves around his pact and self destruction Handsome Two-Faced 2! Basil Hallward! Artist Buddy of Dorian Paints Dorian’s portrait Killed in Dorian’s self- centered hysteria Appreciative Observant 3! Lord Henry Wotton! Old good friend of Basil Coach to Dorian Introduces Dorian’s insanity Sly Cunning! 4! Woman Victoria Wotton! Better Half of Lord Henry Divorces Lord Henry Thrives in disarray 5! Sibyl Vane! Actress Loves Dorian Dedicates suicide because of Dorain Innocent Stunning Gifted 6! James Vane! Bro of Sibyl Protective of Sibyl Dedicated Motivated 7! Alan Campbell!

Researcher Previous pal of Dorian Disposes of Basil’s body Dedicated 8! Sir Geoffrey Clouston! Brother of Duchess of Monmouth Secret role in the shooting event at Selby Innocent 9! Hetty Merton! Village woman Advises Dorian of Sibyl and is spared Ignorant Lovely 10! Lord Fermor! Uncle of Lord Henry Provides background details on Dorian Informative! Setting 1890’s London, England, in the upper west side. Dorian moves from the west (wealthy) side of London to the east (run-down), representing his double character of being a gentleman, however likewise a skulker. Significance of the Opening Scene

A background of Dorian Gray is built in the first chapter, offering him a mysterious and wildly curious air. The two crucial characters that influence Dorian are raised right away and are given strong personalities through their dialog. The plot has strong ties with what is spoken about in chapter one. Significant Symbols, Motifs, Images Sibyl Vane: innocence, purity, and naivety. Her interaction with Dorian caused her life to end shorter than it must’ve been, and Dorian wouldn’t be effected as strongly needs to he had not satisfied Sybil. Significance of the Ending/Closing Scene The unique ends and starts with a painting.

Dorian has developed for the even worse and chooses that destroying the painting would damage the image of his horrible, damaged soul, but unintentionally kills himself. The image provides Dorian all of his monstrous deformities, while the painting is brought back to the original, unblemished appeal. Possible Themes 1. Innocence is vulnerable and impressionable 2. Change does not just have to be for the much better; it can choose the even worse and progress to a type of despicable terribleness. 3. Fountain of youth is something humans strive for, but once achieved, it can end up being to much of a burden and have excessive repercussion to bear.

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