Metamorphosis – Gregor

Transformation– Gregor

The novel opens with Gregor in his monstrous state, late for work. He infers that his task as a traveling salesperson is very substantial, yet he is wearying and frustrated, “The upset of operating is much even worse than the real organisation in the office, and, besides, I’ve got the torture of traveling, stressing over changing trains, eating miserable food at all hours, continuously seeing new faces, no relationships that last or get more intimate. To the devil with it all! Gregor has a terrific amount of fury towards his task, which eventually resulted in his anger towards society as a whole.

The fact that his office supervisor showed up at Gregor’s home plays an enormous function in developing nervousness and stress and anxieties in Gregor’s mind. Gregor feels strangled by his task and is too weak to tolerate the pressure. In addition to the pressure produced by his workplace manager and society, the Samsa’s, especially Gregor’s daddy, make the most of him. Gregor makes the basic earnings to support his family.

However obviously he actually might have paid off more of his dad’s financial obligation to the boss with this additional money, and the clay on which he might have gotten rid of his task would have been much closer, and now things were undoubtedly better, the method his daddy had arranged them.” The superficiality of the Samsa’s has put Gregor in a hard position, which belongs triggering Gregor’s metamorphosis. Gregor’s family in basic, had actually provided him the attitude he has on life. They took advantage of him to the point where he was the ways of the family’s survival.

After Gregor’s metamorphosis, when he might no longer participate in work, his household starts to treat him as the vermin he has become. They no longer consider him as a human being, or a member of their family. Gregor seemed to be waiting for his family to give up hope in him so he might end his life. “He thought back on his household with deep feeling and love. His conviction that he would have to vanish was, if possible, even firmer than his sister’s.” Following this quote, Gregor Samsa commits suicide.

He felt he was no longer needed, as a salesperson, a son and brother, or a member of society. Were the anxieties, inner terrors, and cynicism of human life all aspects expressing the transformation of Gregor Samsa? Gregor passed away of a broken heart. His household and society had a major part in bringing Gregor to his last state. Kafka used Gregor’s metamorphosis into a vermin as an allegory for Gregor’s change in which he alienated himself from everything and most importantly, from himself.

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