Mary Shelley and Frankenstein – A Letter to Elizabeth

Mary Shelley and Frankenstein– A Letter to Elizabeth

Oh precious Elizabeth, could it genuinely be that I am the one that caused this; could this truly be the result of my actions? Why must whatever that I hold closest to me, be torn from my grasp? I, Victor am the one that provided this disgusting developer life, I am its developer, it God! And all this monster does, is take the lives closest to me. As you lie there my dear Elizabeth, I gaze into your eyes. It comes up with the memories of our innocent youth and the delights we brought one another. Do you keep in mind the day, that mom brought you to me?

That occasion stays clear in my mind. I testified myself that I would be your protector Elizabeth. But as you lie there no longer with a whipping heart, does it only bring more pain to me. As I realise that I have failed you my dear Elizabeth. I have let you down, as it was not the monster that took you from this earth, but me, Victor you other half, the one that was meant to secure you and the one that loved you. I can not keep back the pain of denial no longer, as I tell you what I had done, I ask for your forgiveness which you may understand me.

Elizabeth I had actually ended up being, consumed, I became a man of privacy. My fascination with the “trick of life” had ended up being both my motivation, however had actually also been the cause for my downfall. I spent lots of months isolated from the world around me, that the walls surrounding me became so re-assuring. It was throughout these months that I started to gathered lots of parts of human remains. You would have been so frightened in the individual I had actually turned into Elizabeth. I had brought these limbs from death to life, I had played God Elizabeth.

I had actually formed this development into this huge, disgusting monster, whose skin was a pale yellow, his eyes watery his hair black and slick. Elizabeth I was ashamed of what I had developed, how might I have been so lost in my work, that I could not see what I had turned into. This was the beginning my dear Elizabeth of my change into a male disappointed, guilt-ridden, identified to ruin the fruits of my conceit. It was when I had reached the brink on such an achievement, one of such popularity and admiration to our household name, the Frankenstein’s name.

We would be understood across the globe my dear Elizabeth. Now your blood is on my hands Elizabeth, how might I be the one to take you from this earth, I your husband, your lover and your protector. How could I perhaps be the one to do this. How does a man like me, a Frankenstein of blood became the guy I am today. I have understood my dear Elizabeth that the developer I created is not the genuine monster, the genuine beast my dear Elizabeth is “I.” Elizabeth my love, please forgive me, as I have actually played God. I have actually failed you and myself, I beg for your forgiveness.

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