Madame Curie and a Beautiful Mind: A Comparison

There is a lot to applaud about the 2 films which are the topics of this paper. The former is a biographical movie about the Polish-French physicist, Marie Curie who was the very first lady to win a Nobel Prize in Science and likewise the very first to have won 2 in the exact same field; while the latter is likewise about the life of John Forbes Nash, a Nobel Laureate Mathematician.

These 2 films that tackle at a personal level the lives of popular people have actually gotten to specific commonalities and differences, nevertheless unexpected.

It is the goal of this discussion to recognize these resemblances and differences in such a way that we will likewise be able to identify some aspects of the stories. A presumption nevertheless is made which is that a classic movie such as Madame Curie may have a lot to learn from relatively modern-day motion picture A Stunning Mind, possibly for any objectives for a remake of the first.

The idea of Madame Curie is to be able to reveal the personal characteristics of the great female Physicist; how she became popular with her discoveries, and how she had actually lived her life to the maximum. She was divulged to us throughout her early youth as a bad trainee who had propensities of passing out in class because of her unhealthy condition. Her name is Marie Sklodowska.

Her interest in science nevertheless led her to an event where at the very same time she met her future partner and partner, in the name of Pierre Curie- whom she have actually satisfied in a soiree which was thrown by Teacher Perot’s better half. It was coincidental that the couple is both thinking about science being a physicist himself, Pierre in the beginning provided Marie his lab then had asked him to wed her in a clinical, rational and philosophical way– this added on to the excitement and enjoyable part of the story.

The film has actually certainly been successful in being able to combine the factual knowledge about Marie’s work and her social and love cum family life. For instance, her effort to find a third radioactive component in the rock which she found to have sufficient energy to take small pictures also led her to reveal to Pierre’s household about her pregnancy.

At the exact same time, the film has socio-political ramifications. It has actually provided to its audience a few of the concerns and problems in the scientific research and academe. Sorbonne Physics Department for example did not wish to supply financial support for the execution and pursuit of their project. In look for the element, radium, they had to hold up against the old structure where they had to perform their experiments. The movie had actually revealed the discomfort and troubles of a researcher like Marie Curie only for the sake of knowledge and discovery.

The movie thus was able to share virtues that people need to uphold for advancement and success such as perseverance, dedication and hard work. Such grand effects are expressed in their world tours and getaway, engagement in interview and acceptance of Nobel Reward not to mention the brand-new lab that was provided to them by the University considering that its discovery’s satisfaction.

Yet scientists and intellectuals however major and dedicated individuals experience desperation too especially in the middle of a terrible death of an enjoyed one. It is intriguing how the life story of Madame Curie had been translated into a love story too which has a start and an end. Marie almost lost her mind with Pierre Curie’s mishap. However, the motion picture’s ending proved itself a film worthy of remembrance as Marie attended and delivered a speech in the 25th Anniversary Event of Radium’s Discovery. To her, science which is her craft and her hubby’s too is the way to a better world. Inspiring and difficult indeed are the commentaries of reviews to this much celebrated film in the forties.

A Beautiful Mind is a 2001 film about John Nash. The film developed from a Pulitzer Prize chose book in 1998 by Sylvia Nasar. Like the Madame Curie film, the beginning of the story is the early life of Nash in a university setting. He studied then at Princeton where he planned on his special viewpoints aimed at enhancing the future of Mathematics as a recepient of Carnegie Scholarship in Mathematics.

To many people who did not understand John Nash, the motion picture might appear to be a story of a schizoprenic. Just like the first film we handled above, A Stunning Mind is a creative method of providing the ideas of a genius like Nash while attacking his private family and social affairs. For example, the motion picture utilized a scene at the bar with his pals where a rejection of him by female has actually induced his interest in the concept of governing dynamics, a theory in mathematical economics which became his thesis’ topic.

Similar to the analysis of Marie Curie’s character as physicist; Nash’ mathematical abilities led him likewise to relate and mingle in the useful world utilizing mathematics reasoning and solutions– again to provide enjoyment amongst its audience. Like Curie, Nash too got thinking about teaching after graduation. He taught Calculus in MIT, however Marie Curie was more driven by Pierre to study further in her area of interest. In the exact same context, Nash satisfied and fell for his student, Alicia Larde whom he wed ultimately.

The film benefitted from the modern visual impacts of the twentieth century in succesfully representing the fear and delusional episodes of the main character. Like Madame Curie, a mixture of joy, discomfort, sadness and problems passed through in the numerous acts in the story.

However, unlike the very first, this second movie has been slammed for the inaccuracies of John Nash’s life in numerous accounts as represented here. Possibly, an understandable exaggeration of the latter has actually been encouraged to make the story more moving and enticing.

The main distinction with this movie against the other one is its more complicated plot and extra dispute components. The story becomes an action film at the very same time when Nash was subjected to a mission of translating a file encryption of the enemy’s telecom at the US Department of Defense. The objective has actually deepened into an anti Soviet-related plot. The pressures and stress provoked in the scenes of gunfires had caused Nash to behave unpredictably. He has turned paranoid that made his spouse bring him to a psychiatric healthcare facility where he thought everybody were Soviet abductors.

The twist of the movie is that the other characters like Marcee, the girl he became keen on, Charles, his bestfriend, and Parcher, the secret agent are all products of his hallucinations. The story revolved in this type of set-up where the three would appear and would inform him things he often thought and reacted to; to the point that a person of them, Parcher, has actually convinced him to eliminate his spouse.

Like Madame Curie, A Lovely Mind is a romance which revealed the loyalty, and persistence of Alicia to her partner John. Think of how hard it was for Alicia to sign up with Nash in his psychosis and ease him of his concerns and dilemmas not to mention the nearly murderous act of Nash of drowning their infant during bathing. In reality nevertheless, John Nash suffered only from auditory hallucinations, not visual. Like Madame Curie, the motion picture ended in a pleasing way nevertheless, where he made a Nobel Prize in Economics for his famous Game Theory.

In conclusion, Madame Curie film is equally a powerful attempt at informing the genuine story of Marie Curie while protecting the details of her life. A Beautiful Mind nevertheless has actually evolved into a commerialized movie which looked for to acquire interest amongst the watchers by complicating and fictionalizing on a number of scenes. It does not pain nevertheless doing this in a comparable occasion for a revival of Madame Curie film. I would recommend an addition of twists and conflicts also; state, infidelity, dishonesty or money and power status competitors. In this way, the motion picture is not only modernized, it also ends up being more difficult on the part of the audience and the movie makers. It is nonetheless crucial for any motion picture to announce which information are made up and which are real.

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