Lord of the Flies Study Guide

Lord of the Flies Research Study Guide

Study Guide Pre-AP English I Lord of the Flies Unit Test * The test will be consisted of forty multiple option or character match questions worth 2 points each. In addition, there will be 2 paragraph prompts that will deserve 15 points each. * The character match part is 15 concerns which asks you to match a quote with the character who spoke it in the book. The quotes may come from any of the major characters. The only way to get ready for these quotes is to have checked out the text closely sufficient to have an understanding of each of the main characters. The several option questions cover events in the plot as well as symbolism, tone, style, imagery, and figurative language as they use to the book. When you have actually read the unique and reviewed the terms listed below, you must be able to do well on the test. You will also need to be knowledgeable about the following character terms: * Round characters encounters dispute and is altered by it, 3D, established ___ * Flat characters _ small character who does not go through significant modification or growth in the course of a story, 2D, fixed __ Fixed characters _ character that never ever develops, like Roger _______ * Dynamic characters _ character that develops, like Piggy __________ * Direct characterization _ when you understand what remains in a character’s head _______ * Indirect characterization _ when you do not understand what is going on inside a character’s head _________ You require to review Golding’s life. Please understand: * the nation he is from _ Cornwall, England, UK _______ * where he was informed _ Oxford University ________________ the years he was alive_1911-1993 ___________ * the year the book was published_1954 ________________________ * Wars and disputes he took part in _ The second world war _________________ Irony: Ralph and his fire Situational_when a result is different than from what was expected __________ Verbal __ when what is stated is opposite of what is suggested- __________________ Remarkable _ when Ralph, the POV character is on the outside. we understand things that he does not understand.

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