Lord of the Flies, Simons Short Journal

Lord of the Flies, Simons Short Journal

Simon’s Journal I had awakened with my nose bleeding; I had tried to restore my endurance while standing in this dazed moment. Now I sit here gazing into the gruesome pig’s eye that’s being hung from a stick. I feel a bit worried, as if the pig is staring right at me. Watching what I do however not stating a word any longer. Since being stranded on this island, I feel this is more of a popularity contest between Ralph and Jack than actually attempt to make it through with the ways of civilization.

Although now I see the separation of our group physically and psychologically, Ralph wanting to have more of a civilized location, with everyone having a job to do. Then there’s Jack, who shows savagery unlike any other, and leads his group with decision. I sense the ying yang effect in a manner on this island, great vs. wicked, and at the minute I seem like the evil is taking control of. In the beginning we were all able to get along, until everyone’s aspiration started to come out, a sense of liberty and having no grownups began to arise, and all I might do is view this occur.

I’ve taken enough liberty to take care of the twins, if I would not care for the littluns, who would? Everyone is getting so overtaken Jack’s words, its frustrating me that nobody searches for a logical solution or having some moral within one self. Now I’m beginning to recall the discussion I had with the head that’s being in front of me. It was the monster, the lord of the flies, which had me confused, and more than anything blanched.

I knew there was logic to the monster, there wasn’t a beast out there on the island, however the monsters within everybody. Is that why moms and dads exist to assist us out so we do not end up being who we on this island; savages. The beast had hinted that it wasn’t genuine and simply a part us, a part of me. It started to make sense now, the savagery revealed within Jack, the fans behind him. There had to be a response behind this mystery, I require to know if there’s truly a monster on the mountain top. I will learn.

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