Lord of the Flies Simon as Christ

Lord of the Flies Simon as Christ

Simon, Christ-figure? In the book Lord of the Flies the charecter, Simon, is represented as a Christ-figure. He is shown to have all the qualities Christ has: intelligence, determination, and resiliance. Simon also is represented like Christ physically, he is slim and not a strong individual. Simon was really calm, kind, and he took pleasure in being alone when ever he could. Simon was teased by the other kids due to the fact that of how he acted and the things he stated.

One such occasion was when he was talking to Ralph and stated, “You’ll return to where you came from” to which Ralph responded a couple of lines later, “You’re batty.” (Page 111) Simon here has a prophecy about Ralph, and was teased for what he believed. Jesus was teased in similar method especially when he mentioned the Kingdom of God. Both Jesus and Simon had predictions about things to come, and they were both maltreated for sharing those predictions.

Simon also never succumbed to the illusions of the monster and in spite of the reality that he is one of the smallest biguns he never ever follows the others and always does what he wishes to and says what he wishes to. One such event where he reveals his defiance of the others beliefs is when he says to everybody, “I believe we should climb the mountain.” (page 128) This shows that he knows the monster isn’t real and he reveals no worry of the unknown. Christ called people to do things they thought difficult just as Simon did here.

Many people said that the important things Jesus desired them to do were difficult, and here whne Simon said they need to do something they stated that given that the three strongest boys couldn’t do it nobody could. Simon was even sacraficed throughout the ritual dance so that the other boys may live. When Simon died he was eliminated by all the kids, but many of them are informed that it wasn’t truly him. Ralph knows it was Simon they killed, and he understands how everybody is becoming due to the fact that Simon passed away. Also the way Simon was displayed in the motion picture after he died showed him as a Christ-figure in the story.

Simon passes away on water that is calm, tranquil, and pure, the light reflects off the water and gives a kind of sensation of holiness, and the method he was drifting with his arms stretched out like he was on the cross as Jesus was. So through the story Simon is shown as a person with divine ties. He is a suggestion that Christ is all over. The lots of instances that Simon gets the guts to speak demonstrate how clever and intelligent he truly is. Simon like Christ was never ever wicked and constantly assisted others out with what he could.

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