Lord of the Flies Rough Analysis

Lord of the Flies Rough Analysis

Lord of the Flies is a fiction unique composed in 1950 by William Golding, a Nobel Literature Prize Winner. The book is set throughout a war, on an unmarked island, where a group of young boys are stranded. As they are devoid of the confinements of guidelines that were forced upon, the young boys battle with maintaining order, and clashing beliefs and priorities, up until the citizens of the island descend into savagery amidst chaos.

Golding’s message is that conflicting interests within a group will cause turmoil. The passage opens with Jack and Ralph both talking about Simon. “Simons always about. […] He’s queer. He’s funny.” This defines Simon as sensible, and really various from the remainder of the kids. While the majority of the kids are frolicking in waves, he helps Ralph build shelter, not only for himself, but for the others too, as he recognizes that the building and construction of these shelters is paramount to their survival, further …

Both Jack and Ralph recognize this, and start to see Simon in a various light. This foreshadows his death, as after he had is ‘conversation’ with the Lord of the Flies, he is killed by the rest of the kids, beleiving him to be the monster, but likewise subconciously observing his differnce, and fearing it. In the second part of the passage, Jack continues his persistence that hunting is crucial. “df. ajdsnfjlans” Got fed up, chosen a bathe Identifies jack, and shows his speed in making presumptions – Technique consent: still has some sort of stress, but for the ‘greater good’ choose to cooperate – Love and dislike– characterizes them both, highlights that although these boys are children, they are having more fully grown thoughts – Whom they expected to discover there– undervalues Simon, reveals their junevility, and highlights Simon’s wisdom and distinction witht he others – Simon seeing the sand hut– effort at order and authority, of the past, that failed, and recognizes their futility Dominant impression: condition on the island, such as distinctions in viewpoint and behaviour, lead to dispute. TOPICS -Differences -Communication? -Misunderstanding (of self) (communication issues) -Approval -Relationships? = triangle, how Ralph and Jack have a different relationship Possible DI -Distinctions in individuals result in problems in interaction -Society hesitates and incapable of accepting change Distinctions within people trigger anarchy and turmoil R and J attempting at being civilised, and attempting to interact, but still have diffrent views, and communicate Simon is seperate, us vs them First couple lines- Simon is doing something, but they do not call it, so he is not comprehended by them Constantly– Shows R and J’s absence of comprehending for Simon’s actions Jack and Ralph are revealing alignment (on the outside), but they are still different (internally). Not totally rivals yet. Buzzed off– Onomatopaeia– Reveals that althoguh simon was near them, in some cases he isn’t represnet the divide in thoughts, suitables. As Simon vs. Jack and Ralph Diffrence in suitables, bathing swimming pool vs.

Shelters. Ralph frowned, does not concur– Simon is VARIOUS, however they decide to agree, and walk together Char with continents– Greatest, strongest characters, ex Americans and Europeens. But they CAN NOT COMBINE Jack thinks there is time, Ralph doesn’t = they can’t compare with each other Diffrent priorites, various perfects. Can’t interact, since they can’t agree! Inlove and hate– Diffrent desire, they and the words are opposite Baffled– Sees the distinction ine ach other, can’t see the other personZ’s views, can’t understand each together Love– Do right by pals, same circumstance Hate- In eachother’s method Bathing pool reps society

Not there– Do not understand Simon, Simon not being in pool = he has actually eliminated himself on his own terms from ‘society’. He is more intune with nature. He wants to reveal the other kids his various worths + suitables + mode of life Followed them– Observant of other’s life, understands it, sees what to take place if he continues to follow the boys. Sees the sand hut– notifications that their way of living isn’t going to work Turns back– Leaves their way of life, in his own termms WITH A PURPOSE into the forest, as he sees the faults in the other Compared to Jack– Simon vs. Jack Likened to JESUS ooh lala Intense eyes– Eyes are the window to the soul, he has a brilliant, enlightened soul Spritual enlightment with nature Hair– Shows the growth of wicked inside

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