Lord of the Flies Response

Lord of the Flies Action

Lord of the Flies Reaction Ben Sherry Civilization 9/10/96 There were a great deal of underlying factors to why the kids’ civilization failed in the book The Lord of The Flies. They had many problems with each other due to the fact that the group was split up amongst friends. One group would go out and do something, while the other group would do another. This led to many more problems, such as choosing and agreeing on a leader, who would do what tasks, and most significantly, which of the young boys would become the leader of the crew.

Furthermore, the young boys all appear to do not like Jack and Roger. This will make it incredibly hard for either of them to stop singing. Like my father. So, that removes them from the picture. Simon and Rex don’t appear to be assisting much, and When all the boys satisfied each other on the island, they all had their own different pals. The choir young boys stuck together, the littluns stuck together, Sam and Eric stuck, and Piggy and Ralph stayed close by each other. Unless everyone can collaborate as a team, everybody will start fighting.

This is exactly what happened. When they selected a leader (Ralph) Jack disliked it. He wished to be leader and thought he was the very best for the task. Already he had actually started to rebel. He would not do what Ralph said, and tried to get everyone to disobey him. If the kids do not collaborate on anything, it’s never going to work. While Jack and others were rebelling, Ralph was trying his finest to keep the island together. One example of how not working together harm their the civilization significantly was, when they were building the shelters.

Everybody was expected to help, but just two people (Ralph and Simon) could honestly say they assisted construct all your homes. The very first home looked terrific with everybody helping to make it. The second home looked okay but some individuals forgot about their tasks and strayed. However the 3rd home was no more than a dreadful shack thinking about only 2 people dealt with it. These were the example that killed the kids’ civilization. In the future in the unique, Jack put his rebellion into full blast. He got everybody other than Simon, Ralph, and Piggy o join his group which lived in other places on the island. By the end, Jack’s gang had actually turned savage, and Ralph was the only one delegated resist them. Thankfully he didn’t die, but he came quite near it. Interacting advantages everyone; working separately accomplishes little. If the young boys had actually had the ability to agree on a leader and develop order, their civilization would have flourished. This however was not the case, and their civilization failed. Lack od discipline can indicate a lot to a lot of young kids starting a civilization. Iknow I woul;d have plenty of trooble doing it

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