Lord of the Flies Quiz 1

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  • ” value=” the Lord of the Flies “> the Lord of the Flies< input type=" radio" name= "concern [5]

  • ” worth=” the twins” > the twins 7″ Creepers “refers to what? snakes< input type=" radio" name=" concern [6]
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  • Jack and his hunters

  • 10].” value= “Finding the monster “> Discovering the monster< input type =" radio "name=" question [10] value=" Simon's
    murder” > Simon’s murder 12 Which character pretends to
  • 11].” worth=” Roger” > Roger Simon Eric 13 According to Eric, what would be more effective to record by Jack and his people?< input type=" radio "name=" concern [
  • 12].” value=” starvation” > hunger never leaving the jungle
  • 13] worth=”Simon” > Simon Ralph Roger Jack 15 Who stresses that the other young boys think that he is ridiculous? Piggy Percival Jack Simon 16 Who hesitates when the young boys vote for chief, unsure whether to support Ralph? Piggy Jack Simon Roger 17 Ralph considers ______ the most essential thing on the island. the conch the fire preventing the beast food 18 Which of the following characters is not held as a detainee by Jack and his hunters? Eric Wilfred Sam Piggy 19 All of the following are places on the island except which? the volcano Castle Rock the lagoon the scar 20 Jack jokes that they might in fact eliminate _____ in location of a pig during their dance. Ralph a “littlun”. Simon. Piggy. 21 The conch shell can represent all of the following other than: democracy. authority. order. authoritarianism. 22 Which of the following characters has the strongest spiritual sensibility? Piggy. Jack. Samneric. Simon. 23 Which of the following is a direct Hellish symbol? The pilot. Percival. The pig’s head. The spear honed at both ends. 24 Which event in human history does not have a direct parallel in Lord of the Flies? the development of government. the advancement of private property. the relocation far from hunter-gatherer societies. the discovery of fire. 25 Ralph best represents which aspect of humanity? spirituality. intellect. impulse. ethical option.

    July 2, 2020

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