“Lord of the Flies”: Qualities of a Good Leader Essay

What qualities does it require to make an excellent leader? People have always contemplated this question particularly when electing leaders. They might state that a good leader should be charming, smart and maybe good-natured. Their idea of good leadership qualities normally originates from books and motion pictures. In Lord of the Flies there were lots of different management qualities displayed by the kids, however how can one select a leader out of many kids that would make the society work? Only a leader with the very best of the boys’ character traits would have made the society work.

For example, we can see that Ralph was logical, however did not have the ability to make fast choices. On the contrary, Jack was decisive, yet not really logical or civil. Finally, Piggy was the intelligent consultant, however he did not have the charisma and look to get his ideas accepted by the group.

Ralph was a rational and prominent leader, however lacked the capability to quickly impose the directions. His logical thinking process assisted in determining the requirements for life. For example, he valued such necessities as fire and shelter above everything else. These were the necessities that would have led them to a steady and civilized society on the island. However, although Ralph had the right concepts, he was not too quick or effective in getting them done. In truth, the fire was frequently let out. Likewise, the shelters were something that appeared there to be done up until there was something more amazing, at which point the shelters were left uncompleted.

Without instructions, the boys on the island often went to do things that were fun. This absence of instructions was not at all due to an absence of power. The kids quickly viewed Ralph as a leader with his influential appearances and speech. For example, when Ralph said “fire”, the boys went running towards the woods to construct a fire. This kind of authority over the young boys was exceptionally important for getting things done, sadly Ralph did not use his authority to its fullest. As can be seen, Ralph had the power and reasoning to do things, yet he did not have the decisiveness to do them rapidly.

In contrast to Ralph, Jack was an aggressive provocateur, who was always fast to act. Jack was an intimidating figure. The kids typically feared what he would do must they not listen to him. Similar to Ralph, this control would enable Jack to get things done. Contrary to Ralph, nevertheless, Jack used this
control. He took his choir with him searching whenever he chose. By being definitive, he might rapidly and efficiently get things done. However, his decisiveness was not always a good thing, as Jack was really aggressive in nature. His savage nature influenced the others to let their savage sides come out, a lot of significantly when they were searching. They would all paint their faces and bring just possible. Given that Jack was doing it, it was the important things to do. A good leader would not encourage or intimidate individuals to let out their hostility. Put simply, Jack was decisive and intimidating, but motivated the incorrect actions in the kids.

Finally, Piggy was the smart advisor to Ralph, yet lacked some essential qualities. Piggy’s intelligence was a really essential asset to the boys. He understood how things needed to be done. Additionally, he had numerous ideas that would lead the kids to a civilized and safe society. This kind of intelligence is important to any excellent management. Unfortunately, Piggy was not an excellent public speaker. Not just did he lack the breath to finish a long speech, but he was really shy being a minority group on the island. It is this drawback that would avoid him from ever leading, since a good leader needs to have the ability to interact his ideas clearly.

In spite of not being good at communicating his own ideas, he was open to others’ ideas. He would consider them and provide his own useful criticism. For instance, he agreed with Ralph that fire was important, and suggested that if they might not have a fire on top of the mountain, then to have it by the shore. Any great leader needs to listen to others’ ideas as any a single person can not have all of the very best concepts. Piggy’s intelligence is crucial to good leadership.

As can be seen, the combined management qualities of Ralph, Jack and Piggy would have most likely operated in producing a civilization on the island. Ralph’s logic, appearance, and influential speeches can guide the group to do what is important. Jack’s decisiveness can get the important things done rapidly and efficiently. Lastly Piggy’s intelligence would supply important info as to how to accomplish different goals, and would keep the island in a civilized way. None of the young boys might have led the group towards a working society on their own. In conclusion, after understanding this dispersement of management qualities in Lord of the Flies, can it truly be stated that any single person is a good leader?

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