Loneliness and the American Dream – Of Mice and Men

Isolation and the American Dream– Of Mice and Men

I will be checking out the styles of loneliness and also the American Dream in the novel ‘Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck. It was composed in a ranch where he lived called Soledad, it rests on the river Sailinas in which Steinbeck was popular as he was born in the town of Sailinas.

Crooks experience the themes and his interaction with the other characters and how Crooks, Lennie, Sweet and Curly spouse are more alike and show isolation affects them all at one time or another. In Of Mice and Guy the conditions of the four characters actions make them not capable to be sociably suitable.

Criminals is extremely bitter and a separated man.He spends most of his time in his space alone, and likes to keep his space neat, but he has been so beaten down by loneliness and discriminative treatment that he is now suspicious of any kindness he gets.

It might be stated that Crooks is a happy, aloof black man and is not able to run away from the situation due to the color of his skin.The workers on the ranch don’t talk to Crooks unless he, s working as he, s black or when he plays horseshoes. The reader can envision the feelings he has when talking with Lennie about having no one to share and exchange a couple of words with.

He states ‘Maybe you can see now.You got George’ You understand he’s goin’ to come back. S’pose you didn’t have nobody. S’pose you couldn’t enter into the bunk home and play rummy ‘trigger you was black … A man needs someone– to be near him. This shows for some one that requires somebody to speak to a pal, it’s a starting location of comfort for the person. Criminals does not have any one to associate with this.

Scoundrels bitterness towards Lennie entering into his room was unexpected. He say to Lennie “Begin in and set a while.’Long as you won’t get out and leave me alone, you may too set down.” Criminals solitude has actually been for a long time now that when people do speak to him hes’ not expecting it. Scoundrels realizes that Lennie has no intents of injuring him or any one, he lets his guard down yet not knowing how to handle his solitude.

However Crooks is delighted when Lennie does enter into his space, its being viewed as equal to him as he did when he was a child playing with white kids. Crooks wished for a similar relationship with white individuals once again.

However in comparison Sweet is aware of Crooks sensations and is reluctant at the door, Crooks conceals the way he is mad as they have actually both lived on the ranch for many years and never once entered his rooms. Steinbeck uses this to show Lennie and Sweet walking into Crooks room to show the discrimination which at the time existed towards black individuals.

The American Dream is also used a lot in the story, the dream that George and Lennie will buy a little farm and ‘live offa the fatta the lan’ by conserving money they worked for. The dream to tend to rabbits however is simply a dream up until Sweet offers to share his money for a location to deal with them making the dream genuine and Scoundrels a stable buck wants in on the dream.

The impact of this is that Crooks uses himself ‘If you people would desire a hand to work for nothing– simply his keep, why I come an aid’. But the participation of Curley other half shatters the dream by speaking to them and buffooning them calling them the ‘weak ones here’ She lowers Candy for being old and Lennie for being a ‘dum-dum ‘and most of all, she threatens Crooks with a ‘lynching’.

In effect of this Curley spouse encounters very racist by the method she speaks to them and the name calling and putting them down.It could be argued by her doing this makes her feel better about herself as she can talk to them and they do listen.She is the only girl on the cattle ranch that is married yet is still lonesome and unfortunate, this illustrates her simply as much as Crooks.

Steinbeck is revealing the readers that the character in the book is unable to live a normal life yet live a meaningful life.Of Mice and Male is everything about the American dream.It shows how the styles of loneliness, discrimination and the dream is portrayed in this sence.

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