Literary Analysis Paper on Lord of the Flies Essay

Struggling for Power
The unique Lord of the Flies can be a violent like story. All throughout the unique, William Golding does a good job of demonstrating how Ralph and Jack quarrel in between each other whether who ought to take charge and who will be the leader to keep things in order. William Golding utilizes the struggle for power to show the various sides of good and wicked throughout the unique Lord of the Flies. The style Struggle for Power plays a huge part between Ralph and Jack which causes them and the kids to act in savagely methods.

The continuous fight for power causes a debacle in their group on the island. Struggle for power in the beginning of Lord of the Flies is mainly in between Jack and Ralph. Golding demonstrates this when Jack states “I ought to be chief because, I’m chapter chorister and head boy,” (14 ). This reveals that Jack is determined to be the leader no matter what everyone else states and therefore revealing his character as being really controlling. As a result, the kids vote Ralph to be chief which makes him lead in a more dependable way. Now Ralph depicts a good example of a true leader. He shows his brave and great management skills when he says “I’m primary. I’ll go. Don’t argue … You. Hide here. Wait on me” (114 ). This quote provides us a fine example of the desire Ralph is to safeguard his tribe and it likewise shows us the good management skills Ralph has. Jack is really determined to steal the leadership from Ralph and continues to do so throughout the novel. A particular event showing this is when Jack states “He’s not a hunter. He ‘d never got us meat. He isn’t best and we don’t know anything about him.

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He simply provides orders and anticipates people to obey him for absolutely nothing” (140 ). This quote offers a great indicator of how Ralph and Jack go back and forth. Jack and Ralph both want different things, which cause them to disagree practically on everything. Now Jack’s cravings for power results in bad luck in their group when Jack says “Who believes Ralph oughtn’t to be chief, hands up, whoever desires Ralph not to be primary?”( 140 ). This quote shows us that Jack is constantly in the continuous need of power and how every opportunity he gets he is constantly trying to steal the power from Ralph. He gives us a good example of how requiring his character is and how he will not stop till he gets what he wants as chief. Jack offers a fine example of using his demanding sense of power to attempt to gain control by continuing his battle with Ralph to get power when Jack states “Listen all of you. Me and my hunters are living along the beach at the flat rock. We hunt and feast and have fun. If you wish to sign up with come and see us.

Maybe we’ll let you sign up with. Perhaps not” (140 ). In this scenario when jack was denied to be primary the very first time he walks off making his own people for that reason leaving the denouement of the group damaged. Jack believes that the way things are being run by Ralph are not the method things he would run them and he must be the chief. When Jack decides to leave the remainder of the group and go on to make his own people and own guidelines, he quickly later on recognizes he has no other way of making a fire so he goes back to tell them they can come over to their side for a banquet. He then leads an attack to steel Piggy’s glasses which becomes clear when Ralph confronts Jack about the specs. After they stole the specs we see the real meaning of the rejection of guidelines when Ralph says “Now Piggy can’t see, and they came, taking … and took our fire. They took it. We ‘d have provided fire if they ‘d asked. However they took it and the signal’s out and we can’t even be saved … We ‘d have provided fire for themselves only they stole it” (168 ).

This quote offers us a good explanation of how the boys and their savagery and it also reveals informs us that the need for power disappears since of Jack going his separate way with his own tribe. William Golding does an excellent job of not only giving you a in depth mental photo of what is going on between Jack and Ralph and their battle for power but he also does a great job of offering a good picture of the novel as a whole.

All throughout the novel Lord of the Flies, Ralph and Jack tussle regarding whom ought to be chief of the island. Struggle for power plays a crucial role throughout the novel and William Golding gives us an excellent mental image as to what is going on in the story. The requirement for power in between Jack and Ralph continues throughout the unique and it likewise shows the various sides of the great and wicked sides of what power can do to us.

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