Lennie is a blessing to George – Of Mice And Men

Lennie is a blessing to George– Of Mice And Male

There are many manner ins which Lennie is a true blessing to George. Lennie is a true blessing to George because he assisted him keep his task when he couldn’t do work along with others. Lennie does this by being is as good as 2 employees. This overly compensates for George’s absence of strength. Lennie is a blessing likewise with the truth that he is a friend with George. He is a friend to George by staying with him and staying with him and taking a trip with him. He likewise is a good friend by being obedient and listening to George. Lennie is likewise a true blessing due to the fact that he is an excuse for George.

He is a reason by being dumb so George has a reason if something goes wrong. This resembles when he gets in a fight with Curley however doesn’t get in problem. Though Lennie can be a true blessing he is likewise a concern to George. Lennie can be a True blessing but he is more of a burden than a true blessing. Lennie is a problem when he blabs about their dream to others and aggravatingly repeats “We could live offa the fatta the lan’.” (Steinbeck 57) This is a problem because it is irritating to George and wasting time. It also is burdening since they need to let others in which changes their strategies.

Lennie is likewise a concern in the sense that needs reasons produced him like when they attempt to get the job at the cattle ranch. This is a problem since he makes George think for him and then they might require to handle problems later on. This is likewise a burden since George has to take care of Lennie since he assured Lennie’s Aunt Clara. Lennie is a problem when he inadvertently kills Curley’s better half George requires to kill Lennie. This is a problem for George due to the fact that it is not something that he wishes to do to Lennie. This likewise is a problem due to the fact that he knows it is not Lennie’s fault like when he states “No, Lennie.

I ain’t mad. I never ever seethed, an’ I ain’t now. That’s a thing I want ya to know.” (Steinbeck 106). So in lots of ways Lennie was a concern and a blessing. In this book Lennie was a concern and a blessing however others just saw him as a problem. This helps make of mice and males such a terrific book, the truth it reveals reality as it is similar yet various, comparing yet contrasting. This is one of the few books that truly show that life is not right or wrong, and not all black and white, it shows that there is middle, not just a start and an end.

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