Is Victor Frankenstein the Modern Prometheus?

Is Victor Frankenstein the Modern Prometheus?Is Victor Frankenstein

the modern-day Prometheus? Mary Shelley’s purpose in the subtitle of her book, Frankenstein; or, the modern Prometheus is to compare Victor Frankenstein and Prometheus, boy of Zeus. By revealing many resemblances between the 2, she has strong reasoning that Dr. Frankenstein is, in numerous ways, the “modern-day Prometheus. “Although both main characters produce a problem they have no control over, they learn their lesson of damaging the law of nature. It takes time, punishment, and tests for the both of them to understand their misbehaviors. Shelley’s book reveals numerous resemblances in between Victor and Prometheus. In the beginning we are led to think that Victor is a scientist who, through experiment and analysis, has the capability to re-create life. By using transformation he uses old cadaver body parts to develop an oversized and grotesque animal (Shelley, par. 91 ). Like Prometheus, Frankenstein developed something he had no power or control over. Prometheus took fire from the gods and gave it to people, not only as soon as but twice. In doing so, they both went against all laws of nature. While Victor Frankenstein produced a nonhuman animal and Prometheus took fire from the gods they were both punished very badly. After Dr. Frankenstein brought his animal to life, out of disgust, he escaped.”How can I explain my feelings at this

catastrophe, or how define the scalawag whom with such infinite pains and care I had striven to form?” (Shelley, par. 121). Frankenstein could not stand the sight of his production. Looking at it made him queasy and ill. The beast’s oversized body and unsightly proportions brought Victor much misery. The creature, feeling deserted, turned to rage and assaulted Victor’s liked ones. His first victim was William Frankenstein, Victor’s precious sibling. Offering Victor little time to repair from his awful loss, the creature assaulted once again. This time he lost his buddy, Henry Clerval.

During these catastrophic occasions, Victor knew this was his fault. He created a beast who would continue harming him by taking the life of individuals he cared most about. The last death of Victor’s family was his beloved better half, Elizabeth. The animal killed her out of revenge due to the fact that Frankenstein would not complete the female buddy he asked to be made. Frankenstein lost individuals closest to him while Prometheus was penalized in a really various yet, equivalent method. Prometheus felt that human beings must transcend to the gods. Having more power and the ability to make tools and weapons, he gave them

fire. Zeus raged about this, seeing that he had taken fire far from them in the past. When Prometheus offered fire to man the first time, Zeus was enraged with anger and described to Prometheus that fire was not a power man should hold. Defying Zeus, Prometheus gave it back to male anyways. This was not a gift Prometheus could bestow upon people after it was taken away as soon as. Later on penalized for his actions, he was sentenced to be chained to a rock with the company of an eagle, hungry for his liver. The excited bird chose at Prometheus ‘liver every day as the sun would dissipate. Overnight his liver would grow back but he would sustain this painful and excruciating discomfort all over again. Both guys experienced harsh penalty. Prometheus was tortured physically, while Victor was harmed on an emotional level. After their punishment, both Dr. Frankenstein and Prometheus were provided opportunities to show themselves. The creature went to Victor and asked him to make a female companion. After seeing how caring individuals he observed were, the creature desired somebody to share those sensations with. I require an animal of another sex, however as hideous as myself …”(” National library of,”1998). Dr. Frankenstein started assembling the body parts to build a female animal. It took him months, however prior to he completed he decided against it. He thought about how he might not control the creature he currently developed. The thought of there being two of them out there on the planet sickened him. Victor was checked by having the opportunity to craft a 2nd beast. By refusing to do so, he finally discovered that attempting to play God is not a role to be taken lightly. After Dr. Frankenstein rejected the animal a mate, he soon realized this was a good idea. Prometheus was evaluated in a comparable manner. His father, Zeus, provided Prometheus with two choices.

As there was a prophecy that a kid of Zeus would one day dismiss him, Prometheus, who had the gift of insight, might inform Zeus the mother of the kid who would do this to him. His second alternative was put into 2 parts, there needed to be a never-ceasing that was willing to crave him, in addition to a human who might eliminate the eagle and break Prometheus ‘chains. Chiron, the centaur who trained Hercules, was never-ceasing and used to quit his life for the sake of Prometheus. Hercules performed the eagle and broke the chains(

“The creation of,”). Shelley utilized the resemblance between Victor Frankenstein and Prometheus in her book. By demonstrating how these characters are alike in different aspects, she demonstrated how Dr. Frankenstein is indeed, the modern Prometheus. Both men took on the role of playing God by developing problems they could not manage. Much more so, they both attempted something only God might identify or have power over. While Victor Frankenstein created a monster out of cadaver parts, Prometheus disobeyed the Gods by giving guy the power of fire. Each of them, being punished for doing so, learned their lesson. Shelley’s character of Victor shares comparable characteristics as Prometheus. They were both extremely bold and audacious. Both men had the aspiration to produce; though it did not operate in their favor it highlighted their similarity. Mary Shelley depicts Victor as a male who went against God and the law of nature. Similar to Prometheus, Frankenstein was extremely head strong and sadly for both guys it was far too late to repair the damage they had actually dedicated. Dr. Victor Frankenstein is forever, the modern Prometheus. Recommendation Page Shelley, M.( 1818). Frankenstein; or, the modern-day Prometheus. London, England: Lackington, Hughes, Harding, Mavor, & Jones Publishing House. Retrieved from http://www. gutenberg.

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