Iago’s Intentions in Shakespeare’s Tragedy, Othello

Iago’s Intentions in Shakespeare’s Catastrophe, Othello

With his strong capability to manipulate, Iago uses jealousy to conquer the minds of everybody around him. His desire for power results in the destruction of everybody around him. From every other character’s perspective, Iago held really little power, although, in reality, Iago was the most effective. His ability with words and his vicious actions permitted him to manage all of those around him and destroy each of their lives. He is accountable for the deaths of all of the main characters: Roderigo, Cassio, Emilia, Desdemona, and Othello.

The intention for this antagonist has no excellent thinking, merely Iago’s own jealousy and hatred for the world. In Act I we discover that Roderigo is providing Iago money to purchase gifts for Desdemona to try to win her love. Iago handles to acquire Roderigo’s trust with promises to make Desdemona observe Roderigo and fall for him. Utilizing Roderigo’s wish for love, Iago is able to control him. In this act Iago gives his first soliloquy and the audience gets a glimpse of his true objectives. He reveals his hatred for Othello for designating Cassio to lieutenant over him, as well as suspicion that Othello has slept with his spouse.

Iago goes on to describe how he will utilize Roderigo for his money, “Hence do I ever make my fool my bag” (I, iii). Iago likewise reveals his strategy to destroy Othello’s love with Desdemona. Iago has numerous other minutes throughout the play where he is alone on stage and talking as the audience hears of his evil plots. This may suggest that he talks with himself a lot, and his odd behavior tips that he might have concerns with himself or with his own fear. As the play continues we see Iago find weaknesses within other characters.

In Act II we discover that Cassio can not hold his alcohol well. Iago utilizes this info to his own benefit to damage Cassio’s track record. With the celebration of the ships arriving in Cyprus, Iago is able to persuade Cassio to consume. He sparks an argument between Cassio and Roderigo, and after that as Montano attempts to end the quarrel, Cassio stabs him. Iago encourages others that Cassio was an alcoholic and destroyed his position as lieutenant, as well as his credibility. Iago has gotten Cassio’s position, which allowed him to be more detailed with Othello.

Iago invests much of his time planning how to destroy other’s lives, and he spends extremely little time focusing on his own life, including his spouse. He and Emilia are not close, but the realization is that there might not be anything to get close to, Iago has extremely little to use anyone else because he is so self-centered. He understands that his other half wants a better relationship, and he utilizes this to his favor. Emilia is Desdemona’s chambermaid, and the two are very close. Iago asks Emilia to obtain Desdemona’s scarf knowing that she will do what he asks.

Emilia is uninformed of Iago’s spiteful scheme, but obtains the scarf in expect them to end up being better. After Iago had actually set himself up to end up being Othello’s lieutenant, he was able to acquire Othello’s trust enough to enter of his mind. Iago merely questioned Desdemona’s actions, and managed to make Othello think about his better half betraying. He hinted to Othello that Desdemona was having an affair with his buddy, Cassio. Iago had planted Desdemona’s handkerchief in Cassio’s space, and utilized this to persuade Othello his spouse was messing around.

The visions that Iago took into Othello’s head skewed the fact and eventually ended up being the reason why Othello went mad with agitation. Iago had successfully destroyed Othello’s relationships with his friend and his other half. After careful planning Iago made certain that his work was almost total. He then persuaded Roderigo that he needed to eliminate Cassio if he ever wanted a chance with Desdemona. When things didn’t go right, and Cassio was still alive, Iago’s strategy started to fall apart. Not long after Othello had actually smothered Desdemona, does he realize that something was wrong with the scenario.

Othello had actually confronted Iago, and Emilia had actually captured onto her other half’s wicked deeds, and the reality was finally exposed. Othello, sad and filled with rage, stabs Iago, then before he eliminates himself states, “I kiss ‘d thee ere I kill ‘d thee. No other way however this/ Eliminating myself, to die upon a kiss” (V, ii). Othello had actually understood that he was incorrect, however it was too late for him to fix it. Without Iago’s character, there would not have been a tragedy. Iago messed up Othello’s life, together with anybody who remained in the way, out of spite and for his own fulfillment.

Iago coveted Othello’s power, love, and joy. Iago was extremely intelligent and took his time to plan the deaths so that it looked as though he was not associated with any of them. Paradoxically he was provided the nickname, Honest Iago, only since nobody had the ability to see through him to his devastating mind. Iago even says to Othello, “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy!” (III, iii), as though he is watching out for Othello, however knowing that jealousy will be the reason for his destruction, and we learn, in the end, it will get the very best of both of them.

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