How does Arthur Miller present the flaws and limitations of the American Dream in ‘Death of a Salesman’ Essay

The American Dream is a things of desire for lots of Americans as it is what they pursue their whole life. The American Dream is based mainly on wealth and materialism. The sense of liberty is what people are striving for. Freedom from expenses and debt is what Willy Loman is striving for in ‘Death of a Salesman’. The American Dream is seen as a perfect life, which includes a house with a white picket fence and best household: hubby, wife, 2 kids and a dog all living gladly and easily without any financial problems.

But very few Americans achieve that goal in their life time, since there’s likewise competition if everybody’s going for it. Everyone is taking on their good friends and neighbours. These defects show through in ‘Death of a Salesman’ as Willy tries to get to grips with his life and attempting to settle his house.

‘Death of a Salesperson’ has actually been utilized by Arthur Miller to reveal what the American Dream is really like.

The play is based around an average family man, Willy Loman, who has actually had a hard time all his life to make something of it; to strike it lucky, however his chance never came. He exists as a ‘normal’ character; the average ‘middle American’, who wishes to settle all his financial obligations and bills. This shows the lack of satisfaction in his life. He’s not content having a roofing over his head, or having a job, since he desires more. Willy wishes to achieve more, just like his sibling, Ben, who struck it fortunate, because he occurred to get lost and stumble upon some diamond mines, however Willy blames himself for not going to explore the world with him,

‘There’s just one chance I had with that man …’

Willy is sorry for not going with his bro, however what he does not realise is that he was too young to go with him; he was just 3 years old, when his bro left, whereas Ben was 17. However, despite this truth, he still appreciates his bro. Yet, there’s barely any mention of his dad, who made his living and satisfying the American Dream by striving. Willy has a really flawed method of trying to fulfil the American Dream. He does everything the incorrect way and what he does not understand is that it takes some hard work. This might be the reason as to why there’s a sensation of failure in the play.

Both, Willy and his kids Biff and Pleased are failures in achieving in what they wanted and this shows how Arthur Miller is presenting the flaws of the American Dream, due to the fact that it can really take its toll on people’s lives and almost ruin their relationships with other individuals, such as their friends and neighbours. Willy has constantly been taking on his neighbour, Charley. However, Charley is running his own organisation, whereas Willy is still in the exact same task that he’s been in for several years. Offering. The character of Willy Loman is perfect for providing the flaws of the American Dream, due to the fact that he’s simply a typical guy; an average ‘Joe Bloggs’ and generally a nobody, since he hasn’t attained the important things that he wanted to achieve.

He continues imagining making it big and he continues chasing this dream, because there’s a feeling of hope in him, everytime his sons opt for a job interview or have a visit with their manager. He refuses to listen to what his children have to state, since it’s not what he wishes to hear. So, instead he simply fills their mouth with words or keeps on disrupting them. Willy holds a great deal of false hope of something that he won’t be able to achieve and this is reflected within the play and its setting.

The play is embeded in Willy’s home and this is one of the primary reasons as to why there is an absence of satisfaction in the play, due to the fact that he hasn’t been able to pay off his mortgage for the house. The setting releases a boxed in sensation, because of the towering apartment and the lack of greenery is a representation of a metaphor, as absolutely nothing can flourish or grow. This is why it is considered a limitation of the American Dream, which Arthur Miller provides in the play and through Willy.

The lack of satisfaction is also revealed through both boys. Pleased’s name is quite ironic, since his life doesn’t seem to be happy, despite the fact that he pretends to be. Both, Biff and Pleased have a cruel streak in them as they both take revenge on their bosses in one way or another. Delighted tends to sleep with his manager’s girlfriends/fianc ï ¿ 1/2 s/wives, whereas Biff takes from his manager. However the factor they resemble this is due to the fact that their daddy has made them think they can do anything and get anywhere without qualifications,

‘You filled us up with hot air!’

nevertheless, Biff appears to break his dad, most likely due to the fact that he knows about his daddy’s affair. He has always broken his dad’s wishes, such as wishing to deal with his hands instead of work in a workplace job. However, Willy is still extremely stubborn and happy. He doesn’t realise his kids are happy doing what they desire. This is why his pride has obstructed of him not having the ability to accomplish anything. He has also made his sons happy; too, by making them think that it’s their personalities that will get them a successful task. This represents another restriction of the American Dream; people need to work hard to get where they desire. Bernard, Biff’s high school good friend, is an example of an effort individual due to the fact that he strove to get where he wanted and yet he never mentioned it to Willy,

‘The Supreme Court! And he didn’t even discuss it!’

This reveals that Bernard isn’t the type to boast about how well he’s doing even though he climbing the ladder towards the American Dream. He’s overtaken Biff and Willy is sorry for that, but isn’t rather sure who to blame. Himself or Biff?

Willy is blinded by false hope and excellent aspirations of striking it rich, but he’s doing all this for his kids, so that they do not have to struggle the method he did. But Bernard and Charley reveal that people need to do things themselves to achieve what they want to attain, since Bernard is a leading attorney and he did this without anyone’s assistance. He doesn’t require Charley to attend to him, nor is he working for him either. The only things that Willy has ever been able to accomplish in his life are strong material items, such as his home, fridge, car and vacuum. However he does not think that it’s enough, so he decides to go and crash the cars and truck and eliminate himself, even if he wants his children to lead a comfortable life. His death brings in cash for his children, however it shows what lengths Willy went to so that his kids could lead the ideal life of an American Dream.

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