Homegoing Summary

Homegoing follows the descendants of an Asante lady in the 1700s named Maame. Maame has one daughter while enslaved in a Fante village and another daughter after getting away back to Asanteland; as a consequence, her daughters never ever satisfy. Effia, Maame’s very first child, is wed to a white guy who has pertained to Africa as part of the British servant trade, while her sister Esi, Maame’s second daughter, is offered into slavery in the United States.

The chapters titled “Quey,” “James,” “Abena,” Akua,” “Yaw,” and “Marjorie” follow the descendants of Effia. Effia and James Collins, the white, British guy she is wed to, have actually a child named Quey. Quey grows up in the Cape Coast Castle, where the white guys live and where servants are kept prior to being delivered away to the United States. He is informed in England and after that goes back to his mom’s town to manage service negotiations with his uncle Fiifi. After Fiifi and other men from the town capture Nana Yaa, the child of the Asante king, Quey is wed to the lady to form a political alliance. Quey and Nana Yaa have actually a boy called James. When the Asante king, Nana Yaa’s dad and James’s grandpa, passes away, the family travels back to Asanteland to pay their respects. There, James fulfills a girl named Akosua and falls for her. James needs to go back to his village and marry another female named Amma Atta, however he fantasizes about escaping and living a basic life with Akosua. When there is an attack on the location he is living, he sees his possibility and flees to Akosua, who has actually been waiting on him. They move far from her village and eventually have a daughter called Abena. Everyone in their brand-new village believes that they are unfortunate because their crops grow improperly, and since of this Abena is never wed. Her good friend from youth, Ohene Nyarko, assures to take her on as a 2nd better half when a very thriving year comes, but he breaks this promise after cocoa is successfully introduced to their town as a brand-new staple crop. Abena, pregnant with Ohene Nyarko’s child, flees to Kumasi, where there is a missionary church. She brings to life a daughter named Akua there; Akua is raised for nearly all of her youth by the missionary who lives there because, as Akua just discovers later on in her life, the missionary mistakenly killed her mom. Akua marries a guy named Asamoah and returns to his town, where they deal with his mother and their 3 kids. Akua consistently dreams about a firewoman, which leaves her precariously exhausted during the day and often panicked during the night. One night, she sets her household’s hut on fire while she is asleep, eliminating her 2 daughters and burning her own body terribly. Her partner, who lost a leg in a war, was just able to conserve their child Yaw, who is severely scarred. Yaw is sent out away to be informed outside their town, and he becomes an instructor. He is constantly ogled since of his scars, and his anger and seclusion since of this causes him to cut off ties with his mom. However, after he grows near his house woman called Esther, he takes her back to his village and fixes up with his mother. Yaw and Esther transfer to the United States and have actually a child called Marjorie. Marjorie is very near to her granny Akua and loves to go to Ghana during the summer season; nevertheless, she feels that she does not fit in totally in either Ghana or in America.

The chapters entitled “Ness,” “Kojo,” “H,” “Willie,” “Sonny,” and “Marcus” follow the descendants of Esi. Considering that Esi has been drawn from Africa to the United States to be offered as a slave, her daughter Ness grows up on various plantations. She is taken from her mother at a young age, and as a girl she is married to another slave from Africa named Sam, with whom she can not interact. They gradually fall in love and have actually a kid called Kojo. Ness meets a female called Aku who states that she might be able to get them out of slavery and to the north; when they try to leave, however, Ness and Sam are found. Aku takes Kojo to Maryland, where he matures, gets a job on a boat, marries a woman called Anna, and has eight children. When the runaway servant laws enter into effect, Kojo’s other half disappears with their unborn child H. H works as a sharecropper as a young man till he is jailed and made to work for many years in a coal mine because he can not make bail. He deals with numerous difficulties operating in the mines, but when he completes his sentence, he continues operating in a mine as a totally free male. He weds a woman called Ethe who he had actually dated before getting arrested, and they have actually a daughter called Willie. Willie began dating a boy from her town called Robert when they were young, and they choose to relocate to New York together. They have a kid named Carson and try to make a life together in New york city, however the reality that Robert can pass for white drives them apart. Willie has a child named Josephine with another male called Eli who is a poet, and she quits her own imagine ending up being a jazz vocalist. Carson, who likes to be called Sonny from a young age, is a girls male who has 3 kids with three different women and works as a bartender at a jazz club. He gets in a relationship with a jazz vocalist named Amani and she gets him addicted to heroin. After a couple of years of spending all his money on dope, Sonny moves back in with his mother and gets clean. His child, Marcus, gets his PhD at Stanford studying black history, specifically the story of his own household. He fulfills Marjorie, his distant relative, in California, and they return to Ghana together where they consider the past and face their fears.

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