Guy Montag in Fahrenheit 451, and his duality.

Man Montag in Fahrenheit 451, and his duality.Guy Montag, the primary character in Fahrenheit 451, goes through a big change. He starts out to be a firefighter; somebody who burns banned books (a book that is prohibited to have or read due to the fact that it is believed to be “improper” by some group or organization, or the like). In the book, you were said to be a criminal if you owned a banned book, or even if you read it. Montag changed a great deal, from a fireman who burns books, to a crook who checks out, and owns books. He does this to attempt and alter society. To make individuals in fact delight in books, and look at their great aspects, rather than their bad aspects.

There are many factors for the modification in Montag’s life. The book has numerous subtle tips to what causes the change. To start with, I think that Clarisse, the sixteen-year-old woman (going on seventeen), affected Montag a lot. After they met, they ended up being really good friends, and they began to talk seriously to each other, and not just talk playfully. Clarisse continued to inform Montag things the way she saw them, and she spoke with him a lot about things her uncle informed her. She constantly informed him about how her uncle kept telling her how firefighters were in the many years before, and how they would put out fires, instead of make them.

When Montag was notified that Clarisse was struck by a car and killed, he got truly depressed, and everything that Clarisse had ever told him, or done with him, stayed with him, and he never forgot it. After her death, the things that Clarisse told Montag influenced him more and he actually took note of what she had actually been informing him all along. I think that Clarisse had the, over all, most significant impression an Montag, making him have a different perspective and take a look at things differently. Not too long after Montag discovered Clarisse’s death, he received a call about a house that was discovered which had numerous books kept in it.

He was informed that an old female owned your home. Montag Went to your home, and while he was there, the girl set herself and the books on fire. Nevertheless, Montag attempted stopping her by informing her that the books were unworthy her life. Before she burned herself, Montag took among her books. Later in the book, we discovered that before he met Clarisse, Montag met a male in the park named Faber. When Montag initially saw Faber in the park, he saw him reading a book. Montag could have detained Faber, however he didn’t. Rather, Montag went and began talking with Faber about books, and he even took a few books from him.

Faber, knowing that Montag was a firefighter (from his clothing), took a danger of providing the books (and even talking about them) to Montag, but he might inform that Montag was different. From the time Montag met Faber, he really started to alter, ending up being more thinking about books, and breaking his, well, “religion”. He would continuously think of the surprise books in his home. After a while, Montag began to make his sensations more apparent. Much of his buddies began to realize that he was changing, including his other half.

Because of that, Montag’s relationships with much of his buddies started to liquify, as well as his relationship with his wife. Although he gradually started to make brand-new good friends, Montag still missed out on Clarisse, and desired her to be back in his life and talking with him like she did previously. Faber started affecting Montag, starting to make him look at things differently, Clarisse continued affecting him and made a big impression in his thinking, and the old lady showed him her love for books, causing Montag to recognize books, and make them a bigger part of his life.

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