Glass Menagerie, Death of a Salesman, Oedipus Rex Theme

Glass Menagerie, Death of a Salesperson, Oedipus Rex Theme

The Glass Menagerie, The Death of a Salesperson, and Oedipus Rex are intricate, deep stories that any reader can enjoy. The Glass Menagerie is a story about a family of three, a mother, a kid, and a daughter who all battle to handle how their lives turned out. They often reminisce of a better life or a way to in some way leave life itself. The Death of a Salesman has to do with a depressed guy named Willy who typically has day dreams of what he perceives as an ideal life. Willy is upset with his life and wishes his children would be more successful.

Towards completion of the story Willy decides that life is unworthy living and devotes suicide. Oedipus Rex is a story about the King and Queen of Thebes who was told by a prophet that a person day their freshly born child, Oedipus, will eliminate his father (King Laius). The King decides to have a shepherd take Oedipus to a far-away mountain to be left for dead. But the shepherd reveals pity on the baby and winds up offering Oedipus to the King and Queen of Corinth. Oedipus ends up crossing courses with his father and kills him. Oedipus then correctly answers a riddle from a Sphinx who then rewards Oedipus by making him the brand-new King of Thebes.

Unbeknownst to him that his father and mom were the King and Queen of Thebes, he ends up weding and having kids with his own mother and look for the killer of King Laius. The theme in The Glass Menagerie, The Death of a Salesperson, and Oedipus Rex provides the reader a possibility to get a more extensive interpretation of the story. If you know the theme of The Glass Menagerie you get a much clearer analysis of what the Author was trying to state to his audience. The theme is how challenging it is to accept reality.

Each character in the story has trouble dealing with truth and in outcome withdraws into a perfect fantasy land that the real life does not provide. Knowing the theme lets the reader understand just how much thought is taken into the story. It lets the reader understand that every word in the story has meaning that makes the reader regard and appreciate the Author’s work even further. Laura wants she had genuine friends however can not conquer her own insecurity so she instead has fun with her glass animals as if they are her only buddies. Tom has a hard time to support his mom and sister. Tom typically gets in battles with his mother.

In Chapter three, Tom gets back bitter and annoyed after a bad day at work and tells his mom and sis he has actually put aside his dreams to supports them. He feels insulted when Amanda (his sis) calls him selfish and tells them that if he were self-centered he would have left like his father long ago. In chapter 4 Tommy is puzzled by how the magician could leave a casket without disrupting a single nail. This represents how Tommy wants to complimentary himself from the suffocating grasp from his mom and sister however can’t due to the fact that he can not determine a way to leave without disrupting his nail like family.

Amanda (the mother) continuously raises to her children and visitor how guys use to call her all the time. She does this in hopes that people she informs this to will understand that she wasn’t constantly a loser and was once a crucial individual at one point in her life. It is also a continuous pointer to her and others that she may have had a better life if she would have selected a much better man. Laura slips on the fire escape in scene four. This represents her inability to get away from her situation on her own. Tom on the other hand regularly steps out onto the fire escape generally thinking about his ultimate trip.

These occasions simply mentioned all relate to the theme of the story, accepting reality. Recognizing the style gives you a better interpretation of the purpose of the story and the message the author is attempting to send out to his/her audience. The reader can relate to the theme of The Death of a Salesman with memories of their own life which provides you a much better understanding of the story. The style of the story is life does not constantly fulfill expectations. When Willy is recalling his first memory in act I he says he will one day open a bigger organisation then his neighbor Charlie since he is not as “well-liked’ as he is.

Willy typically has flashbacks of better times. Willy begins to get annoyed when he understands it’s a lot more gratifying to be effort then well-liked. Willy’s aggravation causes his mental death. He desired his kids to grow up to be effective, but it was his own self-centered act (Willy getting captured cheating on his wife) that made Biff quits on life. In act II Willy mentions David Singleman as a legend and thinks of that his death was beautiful. He likewise compares his children to Greek folklore figures Adonis and Hercules. This only adds to Willy’s sad life of delusion.

Willy does not recognize that Singleman was simply a lonely guy who simply happened to pass away on the job. Willy eliminates himself in hopes that it will bring implying to his legacy similar to it did Singleman. However his death was worthless and meaningless and his kids’ are far from the god like Greek figures. Willy expresses himself in more than simply words. Willy’s desperate effort to grow vegetables signifies his embarassment of barely being able to put food on the table for his family. Linda’s stockings are a consistent reminder to Willy of how he betrayed his other half by unfaithful on her. Biff understands his father offered Linda’s stockings to his mistress.

Ever since the betrayal Willy has actually been focused on ensuring Linda constantly has fresh brand-new stockings now. Pointing out the style lets the audience understand that the story is more than just a worthless male who reminisces about his past it has to do with a male who counted on his character to be successful and wished to live the American dream. A lot of readers can connect to what occurred to Willy which provides a further gratitude of the story. If the style associates with you it is much easier to interpret the story. Oedipus Rex’s theme is that you can’t change your fate no matter just how much you try to ignore it.

Oedipus begins to get disappointed and fastens the pace of his search in want to discover the killer so he can relieve himself of blame as fast as possible. Jocasta points out that she understands Laius was eliminated by strangers, whereas Oedipus understands he was alone when he killed that man in a similar act. This is the increasing climax of the story since it casts doubt on the whole truth looking for process Oedipus thinks himself to be undertaking. Even when Jocasta and Oedipus notify each other on their similar prophecies they both never even think about that the oracle may be real which accompanies the theme of ignoring fate.

Jocasta even tells him the story about her binding her child’s ankles but Oedipus still somehow blocks out the coincidence of his own ankles being swollen also. This proves that Jocasta and Oedipus do not want to deal with the truth. Oedipus Rex has literal and metaphorical significance of sight. Oedipus has clear eye sight and quick comprehension, but he finds that he has actually been blind to the truth for several years. He blinds himself at the end of the story so he does not have to take a look at his children. Tiresias is actually blind but sees the reality much better than everyone.

The story attempts to tell the reader that people can demonstrate exceptional powers of intellect but all people are flawed due to the fact that their knowledge is restricted or undependable. The three-way cross roadway where Oedipus kills has father represents a crucial choice. Oedipus picks the same roadway his fate has already picked for him, to kill his father. Oedipus Rex gives off a consistent suggestion that the theme is you can not change your fate. It proves that every part of the story has significance. The style lets the audience understand that it is a lot more than a disturbing story about a bastard kid who kills his daddy and has children with his mom.

It has to do with a man who attempted to deny his fate however could not. Oedipus had the option to go down another road and not kill his daddy however because of fate he did. Once you completely understand the meaning of the authors theme you comprehend the story better. You have a far better understanding of the function and message the author is trying to inform his or her audience when you completely comprehend the theme. The Glass Menagerie, The Death of a Salesperson, and Oedipus Rex are dark stories due to the fact that they display characteristics of people’s real life struggles and worries.

They are stories that are well thought out and much more believable then fairy tales such as Cinderella. There are a great deal of individuals that could easily connect to Tom, Willy, or many other characters in the stories. Many people have actually appeared caught in a life they are not happy with previously. It lets the readers understand that there are other people out there with the same feelings and thoughts that you have which is what makes the books so intriguing to read. There is no purpose or implying to a story without theme.

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