George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”: Language as an Instrument of Social Control

George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”: Language as an Instrument of Social Control

How does Orwell explore the problem of rhetoric in Animal Farm? Paying specific attention to the character of Squealer, how is language utilized as instrument of social control? Animal Farm is a novella which was composed by George Orwell. It passes through on a farm and reflects the events in The Soviet Union. In this novella one of the styles is the abuse of language as instrumental to the abuse of power. This theme is pointed out by taking rebellion as a subject and creating Napoleon and Squealer.

Firstly, Animal Farm shows how utilizing unclear language, propaganda and false information manage the ideas and beliefs of animals. Orwell wants to reveal that the least clever ones are born to be directed and ruled. In Animal Farm after Old Major passes away pigs twist the meaning of his words and damage Old Major’s socialist revolution perfect by validating their mistreatment of associates. They utilize the benefit of lack of knowledge of other animals. Particularly, when Napoleon ends up being the leader and establishes seven rules the abuse of language starts.

As an outcome, the other animals appear not able to comprehend the pigs’ real objective. “Four legs good 2 legs bad” is a concept which Orwell represents as one example for the elite class’s abuse of language to manage the lower class. The slogan helps the pigs to accomplish their objective. As Napoleon strengthens, his supremacy his destructive, violent character starts to emerge so he purchases backbreaking labour to animals. For his self-interest he lowers concepts and puzzles them. A couple of days later on, when the terror caused by the executions had waned, some of the animals kept in mind– or believed they kept in mind– that the Sixth Rule decreed “No animal shall kill any other animal … … …… she brought Muriel. Muriel checked out the Rule for her. It ran: “No animal shall kill any other animal WITHOUT CAUSE. “(pp. )All of us know that Napoleon is not an excellent speaker and not creative so he utilizes Squealer who is the owner of a deceivable speech to manage animals by language. Therefore, Squealer gets attention at this moment.

Squealer uses deceptiveness and twist to control the animals. For example, he encourages other animals to think that Snowball fought against them at the Battle of the Cowshed even though they had seen him battle with them. “Bravery is insufficient, stated Squealer, Loyalty and obedience are more important… Surely, pals, you do not desire Jonas back?” (pp. 56) He abuses language to validate Napoleons actions and policies as he talks a lot to encourage animals to believe and follow Napoleon. “… Comrade Napoleon has made in taking his additional labour upon himself.

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Do not imagine comrade that management is a pleasure …” (pp. 56) His responsibility is altering and manipulating the commandments by using strategies and challenging language. By complicating language he attempts to puzzle uneducated animals. Also, animals’ inability and objection to question authority makes it easy for the pigs to reach their objective. Squealer’s loyalty to his leader and his rhetorical abilities made him the ideal propagandist for any tyranny. There is an intriguing fact that Squealer’s name also fits him well since to squeal ways to betray so his name specifies his character.

The most obvious example of Pigs’ abuse of language is at completion of the novella.” All animals are equal, however some animals are more equal than others.” (pp. )This sentence shows that pigs promulgate their supremacy in animal farm. They plainly consider themselves, as in the word “some” under their totalitarian routine. In addition, other animals think life on the farm has actually improved even though they have less food than ever. Although Napoleon eliminates some animals who disagreed with him, animals always be considerate, keep their silence and conceal their confusion when concepts are decreased.

Lastly, Orwell explores the problem of rhetoric in Animal Farm by Napoleon and Squealer. Napoleon betrayes the concepts of animalism and utilizes language to conceal it. His loyal follower Squealer offsets Napoleon’s shortage of lecturing and deceives other animals. As the only literate animals in the farm, the pigs maintain a monopoly on details that they utilize to develop and hold their power. Particularly, by utilizing language as an instrument Napoleon consolidates his outright power and rewords the history.

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