Gattaca Theme Notes For Essays

Gattaca Theme Notes For Essays

Scene: classic music consistency:” I was conceived in the Riviera, the Detroit variety: warm colours natural light trees and the beach

Scene: stark cold procedural surgical emotionless clinical.

“They say a child conceived in love has a greater opportunity of joy they do not say that any longer

“it appears your whatever they state you are and more”

Irene says how she has a heart disease to Jerome (v)

he responds “if there’s anything incorrect with you I can’t see it.”


“While Eugene provided me with a new identity, I paid

the rent and kept him in the design which he had become accustomed”

“you must be going rather of me up there your legs don’t matter” Eugene replies” I’m frightened of heights”

“The wind should have captured it”

As the motion picture goes on more human characteristics develop: Irene’s hair is pull down, she realises the significance of natural appeal not just hereditary coding


“It is prohibited to discriminate, Genoism its called, but nobody takes the law seriously

“Legitimate” “invalid”

“We now have discrimination down to a science”

“Valid vitro, a made male”

“God kid- faith birth”

“A new underclass”

“Blood has no citizenship”

the effect of nail clipping hair and skin, blood and urine showing the weight of DNA and how the core of us can portray our identity, and thus incriminate you in this society

Vincent is viewed as “chronically ill” “insurance coverage won’t cover it”

“the kid doesn’t require any additional concern, the child is simply the best of you”

“Eugene never ever experienced the regular discrimination of a utero, a faith birth, or in valid as we were called. A legitimate, a vitro a made male, he suffered a different problem, the concern of excellence.

-human spirit/dream”

Socrates “the body need to be let of, in order for the mind to fly”

“Nobody exceeds his potential”

“the only way you will see the inside of a space ship is if your cleaning it”

“if you are going to pretend you don’t care, don’t search for”

“I made up my mind to resort to more severe steps”

“I never conserved anything for the swim back

“I got the much better end of the offer, I lent you my body, however you provided me your dream”

“it was about who would get scared and swim back initially, offcourse it was always me, he had no reason to stop working”

“Possibly it was the love of the worlds, perhaps it was my growing dislike for this one, but as long as I can remember I have dreamed of going to space”

“AgainI took my mind of the discomfort by advising myself that when I eventually did stand up. I ‘d be exactly two inches more detailed to the stars”

“Jerome morrow was never ever suggested to be one action down from the podium. With all I had opting for me I was still second best

“I can’t think you pulled this off, you of all individuals.” Jerome to Vincent

“I could have rented myself out to somebody who has a spinal column, you can’t give up on me now”


“In the not too distant future”

-genetics and nature

Gattaca is based upon: genetic determinism: the belief that biology is destiny

Think about god’s handiwork, who can straighten what he hath made uneven”

-Ecclesiastes 6.13-

I not just think we will damage Nature, I think Mother Nature wants us to (Willard Gaylin)

“You might develop one thousand times and not get such an outcome”

“99% chance of cardiac arrest. life expectancy 30.2 years”

The child is just the very best of you”

Genetic engineering: good and bad genes, one unnecessary bad gene gotten rid of from one system may interrupt a process in another bodily function that required that very same gene.

-name and identity

EuGene: (well born)

VinCenT freemAn: (effective one- somebody who gets rid of)

Irene(no letters of Gattaca)

“9.3 quite a catch”

“Eugene I require you to be yourself today, Ok. I was never ever excellent at it keep in mind

“When member of the elite falls on difficult times, there genetic identity ends up being a valued commodity”


Socrates “the body should be let of, in order for the mind to fly”

Polarities of great and wicked- excellence imperfection and Vincent/jeromes victory

Identify Vincent not as a criminal-due to movie strategies

Doing what is best and not necessarily traditional- a type of revolution.

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