Gattaca – Science Should Not Be The Way To Reproduce In The Future

Gattaca– Science Needs To Not Be The Way To Replicate In The Future

Gattaca argues that science ought to not be the way to reproduce in the future because it causes sibling competition. Initially, signs of sibling competition occur when a household has two boys and just one of them is born through genetic modification. “That’s how my brother, Anton, came into the world– a son my daddy considered deserving of his name.” The daddy favors his genetically engineered son due to the fact that he was provided more benefits than the naturally born kid. This makes the naturally born boy hate his sibling for receiving more love than him and being thought better of.

The next example of brother or sister competition is seen when the two brothers challenge each other to a swimming race. The naturally born brother wins when his sibling starts to drown. His father blames him and thinks it was he who was drowning and that the genetically crafted sibling nearly passed away from having to conserve him. Neither of them argued what the daddy had actually said and once again the naturally born son was looked down upon, when for once he was actually stronger. “It confirmed whatever in the minds of my moms and dads– that they had actually taken the ideal course with my younger sibling and the wrong course with me.

It would have been a lot easier for everyone if I had escaped that day. I chose to give them that desire.” When the naturally born kid realizes that absolutely nothing he does will ever make his moms and dads or himself think that he should have the very same love as his brother he decides he can’t take it any longer and is going to leave. In the end, this reveals that genetic engineering results in brother or sister rivalry which is extremely devastating to families and should not need to be handled. Gattaca likewise argues that science should not be the way to replicate in the future since it leads to the problem of excellence.

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