Frankenstein Rejection

Frankenstein Rejection

Rejection Though out Frankenstein In the novel of Frankenstein, there are numerous prominent styles. The main theme nevertheless is rejection. Rejection is not singled out on just the relationship of Victor and the Monster. Yes, Victor does turn down the Beast but that is not all. Society as a whole turns down the Beast. Also, in a sense, the De Lacy household was/is turned down by society as well. In a situation like the one in Frankenstein, rejection is most convenient when it pertains to defiance in society. Victor longed to create life.

In that, he took it upon himself to experiment with dead people in older to achieve it. Nevertheless the madness triggered by the fixation made him reject the Monster. “The various accidents of life are not so changeable as the feelings of human nature” (pg. 42). This is a prime example- case in point. Human nature is to decline the unusual. Victor’s fixation with science and production is the basis for his hatred. Society declines the Monster based upon his appearances. Truthfully, if an eight foot, stitched animal came up to you what would you do?

You ‘d decline it. Individuals of the village turned down the Monster when he was trying to find shelter, security. They judge him on a look basis and it connects to society turning down the uncommon and ‘unsightly’. Society sets a solid standard for people to follow in order to be accepted. Those who delay from the stand are shunned for being various. Felix DeLacy was just trying to correct a social incorrect in freeing Safie’s daddy. People, as an entire, delight in seeing pain caused onto others.

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This makes complete sense since when it concerns public executions masses are collected and cheering. “The government of France was considerably furious … and punish [Felix] (pg. 106). Society accepted the DeLacy’s due to the fact that they had money. As soon as Felix connected to help another and the DeLacy’s lost their money and social status, society declined them. Society desires absolutely nothing to do with the bad. Society wants nothing to do with the poor, the kind hearted or the ‘unique’. Rejection is the main style of this novel.

The whole unique demonstrates the theme of rejection. Victor’s obsession with creating life is the significant component causing his rejection of the Beast. Society rejecting the Beast when they don’t require time to comprehend what they don’t understand or comprehend. And you can not forget society rejecting the bad. This is the best example of rejection in society. Society does not enjoy what they do not like or comprehend so the easiest thing to do is reject the defiance. Functions Cited Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. New York City: Penguin Books LTD., 1963. Print

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