Frankenstein and Prometheus Essay

Frankenstein and Prometheus Essay

Frankenstein and Prometheus Essay In the unique Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley, Victor shows qualities similar and various to Prometheus in methods such as both of them produce life however Victor so on his own volition suggesting that he challenges god by performing a job that only deity’s must perform, likewise because Victor produces life of his own accord while Prometheus follows Zeus’ guidelines, a contrast which suggests Victor defies ethical and ethical rules, and in the end Victor and Prometheus both get penalized for their actions.

In the stories Prometheus and Frankenstein the lead characters both attempted to play God in their own method. They did this by attempting to produce their own being or race to praise them. In the story Prometheus, the protagonist Prometheus takes all the people under his wing and teaches them the start of civilization and modifications their lives totally. “He grudged guys all the gifts that Prometheus had actually provided and he was mad with Prometheus for approving to these wretched creatures of an hour the ability to form their lives into something much better and to rise their ideas up to paradise itself. In the story Frankenstein, the lead character produces a creature to worship and control. Dr. Frankenstein is attempting to be a god which is why he is trying to develop this new race. “I became myself efficient in bestowing animation upon lifeless matter. What had actually been the research study and desire of the wisest males since the development of the world was now within my grasp.” To hold their roles of playing Gods both characters in each story had to steal to get the production they desired, which is what they both did.

Also in contrast to these two novels Victor develops his life without the approval of anybody else unlike Prometheus who is instructed to by Zeus which is not bearable. Victor creates his form of life simply to see if he could do this and if it was possible. Prometheus was told to by Zeus and it wasn’t among those “simply do it” moments, it was important in numerous methods for their own factors. The result of this for Victor was bad since it triggered many problems and this quote represents some, “Great God!

If for one immediate I had believed what may be the hellish intention of my fiendish adversary, I would rather have eliminated myself permanently from my native nation and roamed a friendless outcast over the earth than have actually consented to this miserable marital relationship. But, as if had of magic powers, the monster had actually blinded me to his genuine intentions; and when I believed that I had prepared just my own death, I accelerated that of a far dearer victim.” While Prometheus had no problems with his production till conflicts occur with Zeus and him.

Victor and Prometheus’ productions do unwisely actions that cause their creators to deal with the repercussions. Victor’s development had actually killed many people that he understood and it would at some point blame it on others and they would be killed for no reason. Victor might no confess however because he believed that everyone would call him insane and it would not do anything but offer him no regard at all. Prometheus is punished for 3 factors, fooling Zeus about the sacrifices, stealing fire for the mortals, and not telling him who would dethrone him.

Prometheus and his development were punished, the mortals had to deal with afflict and other horrible things while Prometheus was tied to a rock and an eagle ate his liver for the rest of eternity. The outcome of both of their productions does not appear quite well; Prometheus’ was for the much better great, while Victor’s was for himself. All in all these two characters in Frankenstein and Prometheus were really similar. That is why they call Frankenstein, “The Modern Prometheus.” They both attempted to play god, to take, and they both got punished for what they did.

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