Frankenstein and 2001 Comparison

Feeling and Human Destruction In both 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) and Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein, guy attempts to create something more advanced than humanity. However, even though they are advanced, they are less developed. The creations in both of these works have one major defect, which is that they can not control their emotions.

The creation called HAL 9000 in 2001 is a supercomputer created to learn at extraordinary speed and determine countless crucial facets on the voyage of Discovery.

The monster in Frankenstein produced by Victor Frankenstein also had the ability to learn at incredible speeds, had superhuman abilities, and ended up being so wise that he might have rivaled his developer. However, neither HAL nor the monster had the mental capacity to manage the amount of power their developers had given them. This ends up being the main dispute in both of these works. From the emotional decay of these powerful creatures, we come to an uncertain conclusion: Feelings will constantly lead to the destruction of humanity.

Happiness is one of many human emotions. Usually, life occasions stimulate how pleased we end up being. Furthermore, the requirement to find happiness and get rid of obstacles is a requirement all human beings have. There are a particular variety of attributes that severe for a humans overall joy. To name a few, things like living conditions, overall health, wealth, and relationships with other humans. The beast in Frankenstein had none of these things. He estimates, “Here then I pulled away, and put down happy to have found a shelter, nevertheless unpleasant, from the inclemency of the season. (Shelly 94). And later it quotes, “I possessed no cash, no buddies, and no kind of property.” (Shelly 101) The monster had terrible living conditions; his diet plan consisted of nuts and berries, he had no money, and he had no pals. This led the monster to be incredibly dissatisfied. And when humans are dissatisfied, they become envious of others happiness. With joy come jealously, a feeling all of us pretend we never experience. However, when a human sees somebody who is better than they are, they instantly end up being envious.

They want what that individual has, and they will do anything to get it. The monster is a pure example of this. He prices estimate, “”I lay on my straw, but I might not sleep. I thought about the events of the day. What mainly struck me was the gentle good manners of these people; and I longed to join them, but dared not.” (Shelley 93) The beast desired human companionship, but he felt the people would decline him considering that he was ugly. This is why he spoke to DeLacey first. DeLacey was blind, and could not discriminate against him.

The beast basically pleads for acceptance pricing estimate, “This, I thought, was the minute of choice, which was to rob me of, or bestow joy on me forever … I sank on the chair, and sobbed aloud …’Now is the time!– conserve and protect me! You and your family are the buddies whom I seek. Do not desert me in my hour of trial! ‘” (Shelly 111) When the remainder of the family was available in, Agatha passed out, Sophie ran, and Felix beat him with a stick. This robbed him of his opportunity to be pleased. He was jealous of the fact that every human could have friendly interactions, however he was doomed to loneliness forever.

The beast now realized he might never ever be happy. This enraged him, and hatred became his fueling feeling! Hatred is the most fundamental emotion. It takes in people and turns them into the violent humans who they in fact are. The beast cursed the mankind, and vowed vengeance pricing estimate, “My sensations were those of rage and vengeance. I might with satisfaction have actually destroyed the cottage and its inhabitants and have actually glutted myself with their shrieks and torment. (Shelly 113) The monster carried out in fact get his revenge. He disliked the truth that Victor had buddies and liked ones, yet he had nothing.

This made the beast rely on violence, and he eliminated everybody near Victor. 2001’s creation, HAL, has a different emotion which results in his downfall. That is the emotion of pride. You see, pride is a feeling of satisfaction from one’s own accomplishments. HAL was very prideful. You can glimpse it from this shot discussion HAL has throughout an interview: JOB INTERVIEWER: HAL, you have a huge responsibility on this objective. You’re the brain, and central nerve system of the ship, and your duties include monitoring the males in hibernation.

Does this ever trigger you any lack of confidence? HAL: Let me put it this way, Mr. Amor. The 9000 series is the most reliable computer system ever made. No 9000 computer has actually ever made a mistake or distorted details. We are all, by any useful meaning of the words, foolproof and incapable of mistake. Here, HAL takes pride in the truth that his 9000 series model has actually never ever made a mistake. But when HAL predicts a communication relay to decrease, a 9000 computer system in the world states HAL is incorrect with his prediction.

HAL quickly disbands this as human mistake, given that HAL now sees himself as much better than human. HAL likewise believes that he is better capable to perform the objective than any person onboard. When HAL hears he might be detached, he freaks out and kills everyone onboard up until David Bowman shuts hit down. HAL’s failure was due to the fact that he had too much pride. We see this in the modern world all the time; people believing they are much better than others because of their accomplishments. In the pursuit of happiness, someplace along the method, individuals will end up being jealous of others.

They will desire something another person has, and they might not have the ability to get it. This in turn will trigger them to hate or feel bitter that individual. They might snap versus them with words, or like the beast, will do whatever they can to strip that person of their happiness. But expect you do end up being delighted and increase to the top? Individuals in power usually become prideful and abuse that power. Take dictatorships for example. They wind up abusing their power, and believe they are much better than others. Eventually, feeling is humanities greatest weakness.

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