Research Study Guide Questions – Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451: Research Study Guide Questions

They burn homes which is paradoxical since originally a firefighter’s mission was to put out fires.
What do the “firemen” do for a living? Why is this paradoxical?
The books are compared to birds since as the books are burning, they take “flight” to that of birds/pigeons that are nuisances.
why are the books compared to birds?
Montag believes his job is entertaining and he enjoys what he does, so in all he loves his task.
what does Montag think of his task?
He fulfills Clarisse McClellan, a 17 years of age woman, who knows awfully a lot more than what is expected of their society.
Who does Montag fulfill on his method house?
This might mean that as soon as you burn something crucial like books, you can’t exactly get rid of the feelings after you’ve done it as it is the guilt of burning books and the houses which contain them.
Throughout his discussions, Montag states that” You never ever clean it off totally” describing the kerosene. What could this suggest symbolically?
It is probably due to the fact that Clarisse will be of more value in the story and to reveal the distinctions in personalities of the 2 of them.
Why do you think that Bradbury would introduce Clarisse prior to Montag’s spouse, Mildred?
Mildred needs help due to the fact that she overdosed on sleeping pills and was completely passed out.
Why does Mildred need help when Montag gets home?
2 guys attach tubes that pump her stomach and extracts the tablets in addition to pumps new members.
Explain the assistance that she recieves.
They are extremely impersonal about the experience. The men say this occurs typically which the two aren’t always physicians but just operators.
Is there anything unusual about the way the two guys set about assisting Mildred? How is it uncommon?
In Montag’s house, Mildred and Guy rarely talk or interact in any method. Mildred is always in the “parlor” and Guy is typically at work. At Clarisse’s home, she and her family typically talk and talk about things.
How is life in Montag’s house really different from that of Clarisse’s home?
Mildred doesn’t remember what had happened and feels as if she is having a hangover.
How does Mildred react after she gets up from her previous night’s experience?
Mildred views TELEVISION or listens to her music from her earpieces (seashells).
What does Mildred do all the time?
There are four walls with a TV other than for one that is simply a plain wall.
Explain the setup of Montag’s TELEVISION room?
Clarisse is various from Mildred due to the fact that she has thoughts about the world for what it actually differs from Mildred who doesn’t really care.
How is Clarisse different than Mildred?
The mechanical hound is an eight-legged spider/dog and its function is to find and find people who discover books that is trained like an assassin.
What is the mechanical hound and what is its purpose?
The hound does not like Montag and acts coldly towards Montag.
What is the hound’s response to Montag?
Society considers Clarisse “anti-social” because she believes differently and does not speak of the “typical” things in their society.
Why does society consider Clarisse “anti-social”?
Montag takes the books and conceals them.
At the next fire, what does Montag take?
Beatty understands info that is contained in books, suggesting he has most likely checked out books before.
On page 40, Beatty exposes something really crucial about himself and his understanding. What is it?
Mildred utilizes earpieces/seashells.
What technology does Mildred utilize to go to sleep?
Her “household” are the people at the parlor.
Who is Mildred’s “family?”
She was hit by a vehicle and killed.
What has occurred to Clarisse? How did it happen?
Mildred didn’t reveal much regret over the death of Clarisse and it was as if she was content with the death.
What is uncommon about the way Mildred informed Montag about Clarisse?
a. He said that understanding is gradually being lost since school is shortened and discipline is relaxed since people are worrying less.
b. He stated that the bigger the population, the more minorities which he states that many people do not wish to offend other from various races and etc.
c. He also stated that if somebody does not like a particular book, that they burn it which implies if someone does not like it, they just eliminate it.
Check out pages 55-62 extremely thoroughly. They contain terrific facts about our world. List three things Beatty speaks about in his speech to Montag that hold true about our world.
Fahrenheit symbolizes that at 451 degrees is when paper burns.
What is Fahrenheit 451?

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