Fahrenheit 451; Humsn Hypocrisy

Fahrenheit 451; Humsn Hypocrisy

Project Evaluation Essay; Human Hypocrisy In this visual human hypocrisy is expressed by the words Captain Beatty screams at Montag, as Montag needs to burn his own house down. Captain Beatty is a guy that one can not simply understand. Although, throughout the novel Beatty hinted at the truth that he had read many books throughout his life, he permits Montag to be his own death. In the picture Captain Beatty is standing tall and proud as he watches Montag ruin the house that has the burden of books. Next to the picture of Captain Beatty is a quote. The quote says, “Now, Montag, you’re a concern.

And fire will raise you off my shoulders, clean, fast, sure; nothing to rot later on. Antibiotic, visual, useful.” This is not taken in an actual sense, however captain Beatty is being extremely hypocritical in the fact that he has actually done the very same thing Montag has done. Design choices can have a lot to do how an individual sees an image. The deign can interest a strong sense of emotion if done correctly. In the visual Beatty is standing high and happy along side this is the quote. The combination of the 2 reveal that Beatty does not mean to even assist Montag. Captain Beatty mores than happy that Montag has actually lastly fulfilled the death he has made so much.

Below the photo of Captain Beatty is another picture. This one is of a burning book. This is considerable since if it was not for the law forbidding the burning of books due to it being a fire danger the whole scenario would not have actually taken place. Values logos and pathos are portrayed through the visual. Through principles it is clear that this image is a reliable source since the image of Captain Beatty and the quote both represent a big style in the books. This shows that a person comprehends the principle. Pathos, sob story, is shown through the stand-out colors as well as the book on fire.

Both of these elements represent anger. The claim of the visual is the hypocrisy of human beings, which as time goes on it will just worsen. Captain Beatty is the embodiment of human hypocrisy. This is proven as he screams quotes at Montag from books he has actually read. The most challenging part of composing the visual argument was coming up with a subject and combining it with a style. Although Captain Beatty obviously is a hypocrite building a visual that represents this without making the image overbearing was most difficult. I intentionally made the point obvious, mostly because of how blunt Captain Beatty can be.

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