Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

Fahrenheit 451 Character Analysis

Dynamic Character In the unique, Fahrenheit 451, the primary character, Man Montag, qualifies as a vibrant character. A vibrant character is, by definition, a character that goes through essential modifications throughout the course of the novel. Because he goes through a transformation as he struggles through internal dispute throughout the novel, Guy Montag is a vibrant character. In the start, Montag is a very normal guy relative to his society. He is a city firefighter and burns books and homes without regret.

Montag loves whatever about his job; the power, the damage of homes and books, and even the odor of the kerosene that he produces daily. He even feels pride and satisfaction in the tasks he performs. His modification, though, soon starts when he consults with a peculiar woman named Clarisse. Clarisse makes Montag really think, an unusual thing in this peculiar society. Her pure innocence highlights a different side of him; one that does not involve thoughtless burnings. He then, as a result of her insight, starts to question himself and even the society he resides in.

Another influence on Montag is the self-destructive woman whose house he was about to burn. He considers what in books can be important enough to die for. Her gruesome suicide presses Montag over the edge and he requires himself to lastly open a book. Montag continues his metamorphosis from a heartless book burner to a philosophical learner. Person continues gaining info and forming his opinion about his odd society. Montag quickly understands that there is no return from his modification when he is forced to burn his own house and murder Beatty.

In a manner he is burning his own past and all that opts for it. His subsequent leaving of the seen likewise signifies the last step in his modification. It is Montag actually leaving his past of senselessness and destruction. Person Montag becomes a sensible, book caring educator. His transformation is total with memorizing books in a contribution to end the standard of his society. He makes a tremendous change both mentally and physically. Since of his change, though it caused him excellent difficulties, Man Montag is a dynamic character.

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