Fahrenheit 451 Book Report

Fahrenheit 451 Book Report

!.?. !? Daniela Zuniga Ms. shemitz November 25, 2013 Duration 6 Book Report # 1 Character: Guy Montag Man Montag is the primary character who works as a firemen doing the ironic. Instead of doing duty of putting out fire, he begins them, but he can’t be blamed for his task. He was raised to think and follow society and not concern. Person is a really figured out, confused, defiant, and is an excited for knowledge character. His decision is shown when he refuses to quit the books he was caught with and he risked his life. He was figured out to assist Faber stop burning books which was unlawful, this caused him to run away from the law.

Another situation in which his determination was shown was in which Guy ranged from the hound non-stop through the communities, even when he felt tired or that it was the end for him. “How many times can a guy decrease and still be alive? I can’t breathe. There’s Beatty dead, and he was my buddy once, and there’s Millie gone, I believed she was my better half, today I don’t understand. And the house all charred. And my task gone and myself on the run, and I planted a book in a fireman’s house on the way. Good Christ, the important things I’ve done in a single week … it conserved itself approximately occur.

I might feel it for a long period of time, I was conserving something, I walked around doing something and feeling another. God, it was all there. It’s a wonder it didn’t show on me, like fat. And how here I am, messing up … (125 )” As revealed, Person is confused on his actions and habits, he does not know why he is doing what he is doing, however he senses that he must do it. He is talking and doing things without believing, yet he does not stop and question why. He is used to letting things guide him as that is how society has raised him. Although once he meets Clarisse, his mind opens up and he begins to question things.

Montag isn’t only determined and puzzled, but also defiant, however for how long? When Montag is speaking to Beatty about the hound targets, it’s foreshadowed that Montag is up to something. “Beatty snorted, carefully. “Hell! It’s fine little bit of craftsmanship, a good rifle that can fetch its own target and guarantees the bull’s-eye every time.” “That’s why,” said Monatg, “I would not want to be its next victim.” “Why? You got a guilty conscience about something? “… Beatty stood there looking at him progressively with his eyes, while his mouth opened and began to laugh, very softly. (25 ).” This foreshadows that Montag had actually been doing certain activities before Clarisse came to his life. “His hand, with a brain of its own, with a conscience and a curiosity in each shivering finger, had actually turned burglar. Now, it plunged the book back under his arm, pressed it tight to sweating underarm, hurried out empty, with a magician’s flourish! Look here! Innocent! Look! (35 ).” Later in the story it is shown that Montag has actually been doing illegal things such as saving one book from the houses he is alarmed to set fire to.

Through his relationship with Clarisse, Montag starts to feel excited for understanding. “They strolled still additional and the girl stated, “Is it true that long earlier firemen put fires out instead of going to start them? “… he chuckled …”why are you laughing? “…”you laugh when I haven’t been amusing and you answer right off. You never ever stop to think what I’ve asked you. “( 6 )” This plainly shows the believing capacity range in between them. If Clarisse weren’t to have discovered Montag’s life and question everything, who understands what his life would have ended up being?

After every discussion his interest emerged and he later on began to concern which resulted in his other trait of being defiant. Plot: Person Montag is any other guy with a job, a better half, and pretty much a routine life despite the fact that he does not question his job nor anything else. Montag is a firemen. His job is to damage the most prohibited things and the locations where they are hidden in, books. He is the common guy who follows rules up until one day he stumbles by Clarisse. Clarisse is seventeen years of ages and she is a thinker. She questions all.

As they discover to each other, they begin to talk. Montag quickly recognizes that she stop to question all and everything which he is among the first firemens to stop and talk to her. This results in Montag questioning all, even questioning his task, enjoy life and society. This is the starting point of his awareness to society. After satisfying Clarisse he fulfills this woman who refuses to leave the house where her books are saved. This is prohibited and Montag’s task as the other firefighters job is to set fire to the area. The lady decided not to go and she chose to set ire to herself along with the books. This triggered Montag to think about everything and believe for himself. He sees others viewpoints. He meets Faber, an old man who used to be an instructor. He talks to Faber and they prepare to save books and produce them. Montag wished to stop burning things and to make others sees that what they are doing is incorrect. Montag starts to check out books he had drawn from places prior to burning them and he brought his spouse into reading them to although her mind was set and set to one thing; she was close minded and didn’t accept other originalities.

Beatty, Montag’s boss, finds him with the books and discusses how every fireman has actually had the advises to look at what is within, however he can only keep the books for one day and after that he should burn them. Montag refuses to burn them and he hides them in his yard, his spouse, Mildred rats him out and gets away so she wouldn’t face the exact same repercussions as Montag. Montag is forced to burn his home down, however he does not stop there. He turns to Beatty and sets him on fire.

Montag then flees from the hound who is out to kill him for his criminal offense, but Montag doesn’t quit and he runs to Faber to inform him the problems. Faber is surprised when Montag shows up, he is afraid for their lives. He informs Montag to go to the lake and then follow the railway tracks where he will find people much like him who are run away. If they both live they will cross paths when again in the future. Montag runs and runs as he hears helicopters around him, the hound is hot on his actions and it stops at Faber’s home sniffing to see if Montag existed.

It soon starts to follow Montag in properly, but loses him as Montag makes it to the river getting rid of his aroma. Montag later on finds the railway and starts his journey and soon finds individuals with names of books rather of people names. They each carry a book psychologically and are waiting to put it down on paper. Towards the end he sees that the war has actually removed the place where his home and others were. His brand-new journey begins and he begins looking at the guys around him and begins to wonder. What’s their story up until among them says “Do not evaluate a book by its cover. “

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