Fahrenheit 451 Book Essay

fahrenheit 451 book essay

!.?.!? Altered Ways In the book, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, a firefighter called Person Montag goes from ruining books to maintaining them. There are many reasons that influenced Montag’s decision to preserve books. Clarisse, who was among Montag’s next-door neighbors, is one of the primary reasons he began to question books. Faber and an old woman are also important impacts in Montag’s decision. Clarisse McClellan is a seventeen year old lady who is extremely odd and rather different. “I’m antisocial, they say. I do not blend.” (Pg. 9) Clarisse explains this to Montag and it is an example of how various she is from everybody else. She doesn’t harmonize the kids at school and everyone thinks she is the unusual one. Clarisse talks to Montag everyday and tells him about everything that has altered from the past. “My uncle states it was various once.” (Pg. 31) Clarisse gets most of her information from her uncle who understood what the past was like. All of the important things that she says to montag get him to think more about how things have actually changed and how wrong it is. Faber is also one of the reasons for Montag’s choice.

A year before, Montag came across Faber in the park. While they were talking Faber states,” I don’t talk things, sir, I talk the significance of things. I sit here and know I’m alive.” (Pg. 75) This triggers Montag to think of his life and how he feels. Montag does not know what it really seems like to be alive and he would like to know what that seems like. That say in the park, Faber offers Montag his address. Montag keeps in mind having it in his files and he goes to Faber’s house in hopes to find a teacher for his reading. “And I desire you to teach me to comprehend what I read. (Pg. 82) Montag has actually gone his entire life not checking out so when he finally does check out, he can’t understand what the books are stating. This is why he went to Faber for help. The individual who influences Montag the most is the old female that he sees while on the job. When the firefighters go to the old lady’s house and are about to burn all of her books, she says, “I want to remain here.” (Pg. 39) This shows that her books are so unique to her that she wishes to burn and pass away with them. Books are cherished by her and numerous others since books have become a disliked and feared thing.

This is since books have excellent information that people do not understand about anymore. While the firefighters are collecting all the books, Montag steals one and conceals it in his jacket.” Montag felt the concealed book pound like a heart against his chest.” (Pg. 39) When he gets house, his eyes crave to check out. Books mean absolutely nothing to society, but to Montag they are the key to something and he knows it. With Clarisse who helps Montag realize what society has come to, Faber who makes him more knowledgeable about how his life is, and the old woman who reveals him the value of books, Montag makes the decision to preserve books rather of ruining books.

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